Comic Comments – Everyone DIES!

When the title says Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe it ain’t kidding.  When Marvel says PARENTAL ADVISORY NOT FOR KIDS they aren’t kidding either.  Our comic relief Deadpool takes on a darker new persona that’s more  not the quipping funny guy with battle skills any more.  His inner dialogue is more philosophical than campy.  This is not the usual Deadpool but this isn’t part of the normal Marvel universe where AVX interruptus is going on any way.

First let’s give the crazy guys who created this nightmare credit.  Cullen Bunn, Writer – Dalibor Talajic’, Artist – Lee Loughridge, Colorist, VC’s Joe Sabino, Letterer – Kaare Andrews, Cover Artist – Jordan D. White, Editor – Nick Lowe, Senior Editor – Axel Alonso, Editor in Chief – Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer – Dan Buckley, Publisher – Alan Fine, Executive Producer.

Next the required legal statement – All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique. No more than three pages total from any one issue is reproduced.

I have to say I went into this not knowing what to expect and came out oddly conflicted but liking it.

What I don’t like about it is what makes it the have the parental advisory – the gore.  Comic books often show fighting, often show deaths of heroes and villains (most of the time death doesn’t last) but generally it’s not gory it’s more like the old Westerns where the violence was cleaned up.  Someone gets shot they just fly against the bar and slump kind of thing.  Here it’s not that clean – though why it isn’t I don’t know.  It could have been.  I can only guess it isn’t because it doesn’t have to be being a stand-alone short.

I have to tread lightly here about what I like about it so I don’t spoiler it too much.  I like DP’s motivation and the whole concept of why he’s doing it.  It’s developed and unveiled well over the four issues.  Though I have to say I got it before it became hammer proportions as it is in the final issue.  The reason suits Deadpool in the end.

Once I let go of my dislike of the graphic nature of it I did find amusement in how DP went about killing off both heroes and villains alike.  He makes endings that oddly suit the victims.  His prattle contains the clues to his motivation.

As for the art – leaving the goriness aside – it’s awesome.  I like it very much for me Talajic hits a home run on it.  It actually reminds me of the Walking Dead art which I like very much.  Only this is colorized. A good grounded in reality comic book artist is what this story needed being so graphic and dark.  It is exactly what it got.

Now for the final test – would I recommend it? Not everyone no by a LONG shot.  I think this only appeals to hardcore Marvel fans.  You’ve got to know the victims to get a lot of the story.  You have to know Deadpool to understand the irony of him.  Given that I’m still not sure I’d say buy it – maybe borrow it or check it out of the adult section of the library (ours has an adult graphic novel section bet yours does too).  IF you are a Deadpool fan as I am a Wolverine fan – then yes I’d say you need this.  Otherwise – take it or leave it.

*** NOTICE FROM ON SPOILER SCANS***  I did choose scans that were NOT  graphic or gory.  Being me I looked for more story and character related moments.

I would just like it noted that my Wolverine said it wasn’t a good idea to do what started it all. Just please take note he’s the only one! He knew this wasn’t a good idea and boy it wasn’t.

For those who don’t know this is an Observer – Marvel has had them as narrators on and off for years. I hate them. I don’t know why but I don’t like an omnipresent narrator. It’s lazy writing. It’s telling not showing. So I did enjoy the fact that DP got one as one of his first victims!

Okay maybe this is graphic – Howard The Duck with his goose cooked. I’m sorry I thought it was funny. Does that mean I’m perverse? Nah just have a good sense of humor.

Here’s where the hints of his motive is becoming hammer. Really Chuck you shouldn’t have put DP in an institution.

In the final books DP spells out his motivation.  Makes you think about all we put our favorite characters through just for our own entertainment.  I have to say I do enjoy it as a reader and thinking up such things as a writer.

Until next time!

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