Comic Comments – Ghost of An Old Friend

Ghostbusters Issue 1 Cover

I loved Ghostbusters when it came out. It was the summer after I graduated high school.  I think I saw it four times in the theater with various groups of friends.  Years later when DVD technology came into our home it was the first DVD I ever bought.  I wanted to introduce Aaron to the fun that was Egon, Peter, Ray, and Winston.  That’s why I put the comic on my pull list when I returned to comics.  Unfortunately I jumped on at issue 4.  This arc covers issues 1-4.  I was set for the next arc which I loved (and was commented upon at my G+).  So I had to go back and get issues 1-3 to complete this arc.  That took some doing as it was sold out, but I finally got the issues and read the whole arc.  It’s good to have the gang back together and complete.

Cover inspired by the Beatles Abby Road cover

First let’s credit the team that built this arc: Erik Burnham – Writer, Dan Shoening, Artist – Luis Antonio Delgado, Colorist – Tristan Jones, PCOC Pages – Shawn Lee, Letterer – Bobby Curnow, Associate Edits (Issue 1) – Tom Waltz, Editor.  Now for cover credits by issue.  Issue 1: Cover A (pictures here) – Art by Dan Schoening, Colors by Antonio Delgado – Cover B Nick Runge – Covers RIA & RIB Art by Dan Schoening, colors by Antonio Degado.  Issue 2: Cover A – Art by Dan Schoening, Colors by Luis Antonio Delgado – Cover B (pictured here) by Nick Runge – Cover R1 Art by Dan Schoening, Colors by Luis Antonio Delgado. Issue 3: Cover A – Art by Dan Schoening, Colors by Luis Antonio Delgado – Cover B (pictured here) by Nick Runge – Cover R1 by Tristan Jones. Issue 4: Cover A (pictured here) – Art by Dan Schoening, Colors by Luis Antonio Delgado – Cover B by Nick Runge – Cover R1 art by Erik Burnham, Colors by Luis Antonio Delgado.

Next we need to get the legal statement out of the way – All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique. No more than three pages total from any one issue is reproduced.

This whole story centers on the moment in the first movie where Ray chose the StayPuf Man to be the Destructor for Gozer. This led to the ending we are familiar with and made the GBs a world hero and franchise.  All is well that ends well right? Uh for everyone but Gozer.

Queen II inspired cover

This arc centers on Gozer trying to get a second chance to enter our plane of existence.  The first step is getting Ray to select something a bit more ominous.  Ray has an ally in this his fairy godfather – Jake Blues.  Yep the John Belushi character of the Blues Brothers.  With Jake on your side you know you are going to win!

Through out this second chapter of the Gozer story there are connections to the movies.  Slimer makes another appearance.  We see the Carpathian’s painting in the background of some scenes.  Mr Peck from the EPA (yes the dickless wonder) gets a new job from the Governor of New York.  It’s all good if you love this universe.

This art is fun and cartoony.  I don’t mind because honestly so were the movies.  It all fits nicely into the universe and carries forward the story much better than the animated series did.  I can see some influence stylistically from the series but it is not too much.

Ghostbusters Issue 4 Cover A

Finally the covers – the Cover B series draws inspiration from famous band album covers.  There’s the Beatles Abby Road Album on Issue 2, and Queen II on Issue 3 pictured here. The alternate for Issue 01 was KISS Destroyer inspired.  Issue 4 moved into TV shows with the R1 cover inspired by the Brady Bunch.  I enjoyed seeing the thumbnail of the ones I didn’t purchase. Yet,  I won’t be getting into the collecting of cover variations.

In the end I loved it.  It’s like the Dark Shadows comics for me a visit to something I loved at a younger time in my life.  With the rumor mill churning on GB III announced to start production in 2013 this is a fun way to fill the time and get excited for the next movie in what has become a comedy cult classic.


Peter Venkeman (Bill Murry in the movies) always had just the right quip to make me laugh. Here he’s confronting a more powerful Slimer. I love the line about teenagers.

Ghostbusters 02 Staypuft lawsuit

One of the things that endeared me to the GB franchise is how they bring in real world stuff to their urban fantasy. EPA not liking the containment unit was great and later often thought of by me as I wrote portions of applications for PCB processing and containment permits. Here is another real world peril – lawsuits when you muck with a company’s mascot. (psst notice the Carpathian painting there on the left of the frames?)

Ray as the selector is being forced to choose again

Here we see Ray as the Selector facing an unknown by product of his accidental selection. NO not more lawsuits – being forced by Gozer’s minion to select again!

Ray's fairy godfather - Jake Blues from the Blues Brothers

Don’t worry fans he’s got his fairy godfather Jake Blues on his side! Remember Ray think MARSHMALLOW! MARSHMALLOW! Lawsuits be damned!

Until next time!

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