Comic Comments – We All Make Mistakes

First X-Men Issue 1 Cover

I got The First X-Men on a whim and regretted it. It’s not the story so much, that’s good. It’s not the art that’s great. It’s me. This is one of those comics that is the reason I don’t rate them. As comics go this one brings what comics should bring, story and art working well together. It’s just not for me. Stay tuned and I’ll tell you why.

The required legal statement – All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique. No more than three pages total from any one issue is reproduced.

Credit where credit is due: Neal Adams & Christos Gage, Writers – Neal Adams, Artist (issue 1) & Penciler (issue 2) – Andrew Currie, Inker (issue 2) – Mathew Wilson, Colorist – VC’s Clayton Cowles, Letterer – Adams & Wilson, Covers – Jordan D. White, Assistant Editor – Nick Lowe, Editor – Axel Alonoso, Editor In Chief, – Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer – Dan Buckley, Publisher – Alan Fine, Executive Producer.

First XMen Issue 02 Cover

I’ve been through the start of the X-Men so many times.  I did the original.  I did the Ultimates.  I did the XMen movies (2 starts).  I don’t need another. I got it.  Really I do.  It’s kind of like Xavier deaths.  Been there got a T-Shirt the first few times now I’m bored with it. That’s why I stopped after two issues. I don’t need yet another take on the retelling of the X-Men getting together. I’m old for a comic reader – near 50. I’m not male. I’m not the typical audience comics are written toward. I get that. I’m not the audience for this one.

By now you get this is a new take on how the X-Men get started. Apparently here the major influence in starting it all is Wolverine. He’s not the odd amnesiac that shows up later trying to do the right while figure himself out. He’s doing what the mainstream character took decades to mature into – uniting mutants to live together in peace with non-mutants and protect one and all. Here in this story Xavier is the one dragging his heels on the idea.

Like I said the writing is good. It’s a different take on the start for a different generation. I have no beef with that. The Ultimates was the same thing but I think I enjoyed that because Aaron was young and it was introducing his generation to the concept. I went through the introduction with his eyes. Now he’s a young man. I don’t have a kid to go through the new tale with and this almost 50 reader doesn’t want to start again unless the start is face meltingly awesome. This isn’t. It’s good. If I had endless comic book fund I’d stay on but I don’t so this gave way and dropped from my pull list.

As for the art, I like it. It’s great comic book art. I enjoyed it. It has elements of classic comics and new elements to it. I can’t put my finger on just what it is because I’m not an artist to get the details of style phrased just right. Still I enjoyed it and would like to see more of this work in mainstream titles.

Bottom line: If you are up to starting a new X-men universe or have never experienced another retelling of it – then by all means jump on and enjoy!

You know what’s next a few pages to give you a feel for the books. If you don’t want possible spoilers then don’t look Myrtle!

First X-Men scene where Xavier reads Wolverine's mind without realizing it

Okay here’s what a reluctant Xavier being recruited by a team founding Logan would look like. Why the heck they aren’t the L-Men or the W-Men is beyond me!

Logan decides on code names to protect the participants in his team

Well despite spoiled rich kid Xavier’s reluctance to join the team, Logan is still treading the world building his W-Team. You’d think being a Wolverine fan I’d like this but nope not doing a thing for me.

Until next time!

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