The Rest of Creepy October at G+

Photo by me of the window at the Simmons Library in Kenosha. I used some effects by Pixlr photo app for Google Chrome.

I’ve already posted the first 20 posts of my series on G+ that I called Creepy October .  These are tales based on truth that have a creepy/mysterious almost spook aspect to them.  I stopped at the post on the 19th.  So here’s  the list for the rest of the series.  If you enjoy this kind of thing hop over and learn more.

Oct. 20th  The Ghost Blimp of WWII  a USA blimp on patrol off the coast of California don’t forget this was the area of the battle for LA the real incident took place

Oct 21st  Resurrection Mary the famous hitch hiking ghost from Resurrection Cemetery in October and the women that might have been the source for the legend

Oct 22nd Teresita Basita Case  a strange case that really took place in Chicago in the late 70s that seriously brought up the subject of ghost testimony in court

Oct 23rd  Robert The Doll the creepy supposedly possessed doll in Key West

Oct 24th Elmer McCurdy’s Roaming Corpse the odd journey of Elmer’s body after his execution.

Oct 25th Haunted painting sold on e-bay the story of the creepy painting by William Stoneham entitle Hands Resist Him

Oct 26th  The Mysterious Stranger of Mark Twain’s Adventures  This was a claymation video that was very creepy inspired by Mark Twain’s unfinished novel about the nephew of Satan.

Oct 27th The Mad Gasser of Mattoon  Was anyone really gassing the citizens of small towns in Illinois and Virginia?  If so who was it and why do it?

Oct 28th What Happened to Fredrick Valentich?  A pilot flying over the Australian Outback  disappears but first he radios back a strange description of something…

Oct 29th  Strange Love of Carl Tanzer  back to Key West for the odd story of obsession, grave robbing, necrophilia, and love?!?

Oct 30th The Priest of San Francisco Trains  The odd tales of encounters and their aftermath on the people who see a strange priest

Oct 31st  Skull Found Due to Sandy and Odd Notes of a Spy’s Diary  The eerie finding of a skull and unmoved graves uncovered by Sandy and odd notes in the diary of a Cold War spy handler about glowing men and plutonium.

Nov 1st  Cultural Ways to Shed Evil Spirits  a list of things done in various cultures to shed evil spirits from buildings.

Hope you find something that you’ll enjoy.  It’s always intriguing to find more mysterious and creepy stories – there’s another October coming in 2013.

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