Comic Comments – The Aliens Have Me

Saucer Country Issue 01 Cover 1st printing

I’d heard good things about Saucer Country from the first issue.  When I read that issue 6 was a good jumping on point, I jumped.  I didn’t regret it.  Honestly that issue was strong enough to put the title on my pull list and send searching for issues 1-5. The first arc of the series is entitled RUN.  Just like the excellent writing in this book the title has layers of meaning and can apply to the high strangeness of the story or the mundane.  That’s what makes this book so compelling it’s written with all the complexity, tightness, and layers of an excellent science fiction thriller.

Saucer Country Issue 02 First Printing

All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique. No more than three pages total from any one issue is reproduced.

Now the creation team: Paul Cornell, Writer – Ryan Kelly, Art & Covers – Giulia Brusco, Colors Issues 1-3 & 5 – Guilia Brusco & Lee Loughridge, Colors Issue 4 – Sal Cipriano, Letters – Mark Doyle, Associate Editor – Will Dennis, Editor – Saucer Country Created by Cornell & Kelly.

The story centers around Arcadia Alvarado the Governor of New Mexico who is the leading Democratic candidate for President. She and her ex-husband had a strange experience in the desert that is causing strange flashbacks for her and emotional disruption for him. This first arc deals with two types of running – Gov. Alvarado deciding to run for President and her ex-husband running from his memories of that night.

It is a nice contrast between her reaction and his to their shared missing time experience. He’s terrified but she’s determined to get to the bottom of it. At first their paths diverge. He goes to a known hypno-therapist that specializes in alien abductions. She confides to her campaign manager and personal assistant saying she doesn’t want it to go public but wants answers. They turn to a Harvard professor that studies mythology believing the UFO phenomena is modern mythology with some truth in the center spawning it all.

Eventually the two paths conjoin again but not without first going through many of the common threads of the UFO/Alien abduction discussion. More angles are brought to play by new characters. The arguments that the hypno-therapist leads the subject comes into play. The conspiratorial/disclosure group that believes the government not only knows about the aliens but may be in cahoots with them show up. The UFOs are nuts & bolts from another planet are represented. The concept that it’s inter-dimensional/paranormal occurrence is there. The hostile alien take over contingent has it’s thumb in the story pie. The friendly human like aliens here to guide us past our warring ways are in the waiting room too. The remarkable and impressive thing is Cornell weaves all these things together in a riveting compelling story.

I must praise Cornell for researching the topic well. He’s got it all and woven it together seamlessly without making it a confusing mess. That’s talent as a writer. The layers of story going on is impressive along with the number of players that are converging but not confusing the plot. At the core of his story is the unknown event where what’s true and what’s fiction blur as much as reality and fantasy for the characters. Much applause to him and I’m anxious to see where he takes us next.

The art is excellent and among my favorite art in current titles. I like the realism with just enough comic flare to make the people seem believable but still better than real life. The flashes into the alien memories, thoughts, and concepts are well done to evoke the feeling of the character experiencing them. From the evil torturing aliens to the friendly guiding ones that reveal cues to the future – all are beyond normal but yet fit their roles. The excellent execution blends well and supports the fantastic writing.

This title is firmly planted on my pull list. This along with several other new titles coming along are proof that excellence in writing and art will create a buzz in the comic community. You don’t need a big franchise or formulas to sell comics the first print of these sold out quickly and even went into 3rd printings on some issues. Comic book fans are hungry for great art and stories. The big guys are meeting the market for it but the small guys are. Saucer Country didn’t only meet the market it made a slam dunk!


The story starts here. The governor’s security team find her and her ex-husband in her car in the desert. It looks as though they have been into a physical fight. Only they hadn’t they just awake with a start in that condition, in her car, on the side of the road in the desert.

How the Governor tells her trusted staff members and convinces them 1) she’s not crazy and 2) not to quit is excellent writing and shows she’s a very savvy politician.

As soon as the professor gets to the New Mexico he gets a nosebleed. The Governor’s staff assure him it’s normal for the altitude and dry climate. Mundane explanations for “typical” abduction symptoms?

Just a glimpse into the aliens of the Governor’s memories. This highlights how her dreams, flashbacks, and memories don’t quite fit together.  The answer she seeks isn’t as much as aliens abducted me like her ex was but more ‘what the hell happened.’  She’s keeping an even keel but searching for answers in something that can turn a person upside down.

Can’t say it enough excellent book so far and I’m excited for the next issue.  Until next time!

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