It’s Finished and Had It’s First Wreck

Remember I blogged about the round-about construction in my neighborhood? Well it’s now finished.  Boy is it a fancy thing!  As soon as the removed all the road closed barricades someone came flying through there like it was the old short cut it used to be.  They ignored the new warning signs of the round-about.  The ignored the BIG ORANGE FLAGS on the signs.  They ignored the large looming mound in the center of the circle surrounded by the smaller but still significant concrete mounds to direct traffic.  They ignored the posted speed limit of 25 as well as the new flagged in yellow yield signs.  They plowed right into the circle.  Yep just crashed over the directional concrete barrier and right into the big circle in the center!  Oh well so much for slowing that clueless one down, it down right stopped ’em.  Over all I’ll say it seems to be working.  Then again I didn’t notice it as much before not living over on the road.  Chatting with the people there the amount of traffic is down due to the road being closed off for so long.  They aren’t sure if the new roundabout is working or just closing off the street for months broke people of the habit.  Only time will tell.  Here’s a few photos of the finished product just before they put up the flags and opened it for crashing traffic.

Finished Neighborhood roundabout

Finished Neighborhood roundabout

chalk drawings in the newly paved road

Before the barricades came down and after the road was paved smooth it seems the neighborhood children had fun with chalk on the smooth surface.

Finished Neighborhood roundabout

Orange barrel disassembled & waiting pick up

Orange barrel disassembled & waiting pick up

6 thoughts on “It’s Finished and Had It’s First Wreck

    • Hi Mary Louise,
      I guess roundabouts tend to be a good study in human nature, eh?
      I was wondering if I could use your gorgeous picture of the white rose I liked so much? The one whose petals look so big, it looks like a peony? I am starting a new blog on Saturday and thought the rose would make a nice emblem, but I wanted your permission first. 🙂 Thanks, Debb

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