A Trip to Aaron’s House

My son is now 19 years old, a college sophomore, an E3 in the Army, and rents his own home. Right now he’s in the stand-on-my-own-two-feet time where he doesn’t call regular, doesn’t answer all the texts, and is busy building his life. That’s fine I get it. However we did make an appointment to go up to Madison, see his new house he is renting, and take him and Sara out to lunch.

Madison visit w Aaron (15)

There’s football on TV women! Mom making his picture and girlfriend trying to make him SMILE!

His new digs were built in 1904. It has narrow staircases, hardwood floors, and exposed stone basement. The bathroom was obviously a converted bedroom but why they choose the largest bedroom in the house is beyond me. As for condition – it’s a typical student slum. LOL! I’m sure he loves it just as much as I loved my student slum apartment.

We drove down to State Street which is the street from campus to the State Capital building. It’s also the center of shopping, dining, and drinking. The main drag if you will of Madison. At University of Tennessee in Knoxville we had Cumberland Avenue. They have State Street. We wound up getting a deep pan Chicago style pizza and watching football at bar.

Below are a few sites of Madison and the trip to see Aaron and Sara.

Madison visit w Aaron (11)

This is the Red Gym a landmark on campus should you ever visit. I went up to a writer’s seminar years before Aaron went to college. It was in a building near the Red Gym. I drove up early that morning in the snow, parked and made it to the conference. Every direction or lecture referred to this building. It was my first time in Madison, I didn’t pass it when coming in and had NO IDEA what they were talking about.

Madison visit w Aaron (18)

It is a very historical and distinct building Madison. The castle like look is explained by it being built to serve a dual purpose.

Madison visit w Aaron (10)

This one of the many lovely buildings on campus. I don’t remember the name of it but it’s where Aaron would catch the Badger Bus last year to come home and visit Sara.

Madison visit w Aaron (17)

Construction – I’ve never been to a large campus that didn’t always have construction going on some where.

Madison visit w Aaron (13)

A view down State Street to the capital building.

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