Last Friday I reported to the hospital bright and early for surgery.  I have to give a great big CUDOS to the Froedtert Hospital team they made it as comfortable as possible.  I came home Saturday as predicted and all is going smoothly.  It will take the six weeks to recover despite my wanting it to go faster.  I do get very tired very easily.  Shower is a workout that requires a nap afterward.  Pathology showed all was benign.  So now the slow walk to recovery.  If I don’t respond quickly rest assured once I wake up from my nap I’ll get to you.

5 thoughts on “Healing

  1. I am so realived. God bless, watch over my beautiful daughter. Amen I am very proud of you, it was handled with grace on your part. bless you for not falling apart. Love you.

  2. Yay! Benign must be one of the most beautiful words in our language! So glad everything went okay and you’re feeling little by little, healthy. So glad you are going to heed your doc’s advice to take it slow, you’re like me in that you want to rush things, but you’ll be glad you did – trust me. I remember “taking a shower makes me tired” days. Take care now, and we will see you after your nap…. 🙂

    • Oh it’s getting better. Now I’m chafing against the limitations. Had to take Mike Thanksgiving dinner shopping since I’m not supposed to pick up anything more than 10lbs or push a full grocery cart. Also got another a week until I’m cleared to drive – being house bound is getting tiring. Oh well, at least I can get back to work. If I’d had an office job I’d be off work another 2.5 weeks! That would dive me CRAZY.

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