My Personal Tribute To Morning Coffee

Without My Coffee I'm Just A Zombie mug

Ahh this mug hits at the core of the truth, I need my coffee. Good thing caffeine is an acceptable addiction.

I love my morning coffee. It’s my joy and comfort. I don’t pollute or dilute it with anything. The darker and richer the better! Ahh, nothing smells better than coffee. I love it. From good old Folgers to the expensive favorite of Jamaican Blue – I adore my coffee.

When I first started building a home of my own I thought I had to have matching coffee cups. Since then I’ve given way to MUGS. They keep the precious fluid hotter longer. I also have given way to mugs that express or remind me of things. Matching is boring. Matching is bland. Matching is so June Cleaver. I want expression and the morning nectar of the gods. So my morning mugs have become a collection of favorites. All give me a bit of cheer in the morning. Here are a few of my favorite mugs.

Reheated Gangsters

This mug is from the Chicago’s Untouchables Tour It’s a great historic bus tour of the gangster history in Chicago. Years ago Aaron and I took the tour with my BFF Patricia and her family. When I use this mug I think of history and happy memories two things I always enjoy.

Morning Coffee

I’ve had this travel mug for years. It’s the style and weight I like. Also the map on it is a reproduction of a map showing the first coffee trade routes to Europe. History and functionality – great combo in a coffee mug.

Waking Up Is hard to do (1)

My favorite season if Fall. I love the color and the crispiness. I bought three matching fall mugs one year after going to Dubuque to have a girls weekend away. I sent the other ones to my dear friends. I filled the mugs with candy and wrote a note telling each of them what dear friends they are and how much I treasure our visits. Now when I use my mug I smile with warm memories of friends and good times know they have one too.

Kenosha Museum Mug

This one is history, crafting and friends. I have taken many classes at the local Kenosha Museum. From pottery to fused glass, from ancient Egypt to local history, from writing (the start of my writers group) to silversmithing. I have taken many classes with friends or alone. All are good times and excellent things to remember over a steamy cup of joe in the morning.

Aaron's smile mug

This mug came from Aaron’s orthodontist. Dr. Crawford straightened Aaron’s teeth beautifully. Every time I use this mug I think of my son’s beautiful smile. It’s a warm proud Mom feeling even before I get my first sip of coffee in the morning.

Until Next TIME!

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