Comic Comments – When A Hot Date Goes Bad

WXM 14 Cov

This is a decent tie-in to the AvX.  If you’ve been reading you know my issues with AvX and I’m not following it beyond when it interrupts my pull list.  This falls into that category.  However I will say this issue is much better than the last issue which didn’t center on the school AT ALL.  This centers on the school even though it’s a date between Kitty and Piotr (Colossus who is possessed with the Phoenix).  We see the strain on the staff to have Hank, Rachel, Bobby, and Logan all off in the stupid war.  We also see the strain between Kitty and Piotr differences over the school concept as well as the Phoenix force.

All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique. No more than three pages total from any one issue is reproduced.

The creative team for the issue is as follows: Jason Aaron, Writer – Jorge Molina, Penciler – Norman Lee, Inker – Morry Hollowell, Colorist – Chris Eliopoulos, Letterer – Nick Bradshaw & Justin Ponsor, Cover Artists – Jordan D. White, Assistant editor – Daniel Ketchum, Associate Editor – Nick Lowe, Editor – Axel Alonso, Editor in Chief, Jow Quesada, Chief Creative Officer – Dan Buckley, Publisher – Alan Fine, Executive Producer.

Since the Scott/Logan issues from Wolverine and the X-Men title this is the best.  That’s not saying much really but it’s something.   This one like those centers on the school and tell how the AvX interruptus effects the staff and students at the school.  Let’s face it I come to this title to read about the school, preferably Logan and his staff, students and how they interact AT THE SCHOOL he founded.  I don’t come here to read about some alien race fighting the Phoenix force or some big sales pitch multi-title arc.  This issue gives me what I buy the book to read and for that I am thankful.

There are many plot threads here that are developing – the return of staff that sided with Scott at first but don’t like what he’s become.  Will the be welcomed back or turned away?  Toad’s collecting Husk’s discarded skin and playing house with them.  That’s gotta surface in some odd way some time.  The relationship of Bobby/Kitty and  Pitor/Kitty which is the future and will the headmistress stay at the school or go for a man?  Oh and how is the school coping with so many of the staff gone?  What if they are attacked when at low staff will Logan’s edict of ‘kids don’t fight’ stand?  All great plot threads started in this issue and all centered around the school at the school.

While I’m in what I like/don’t like mode let me say I still don’t like Colossus being alive.  Nope I don’t.  When he was brought back in Ultimates I thought it was a disservice to his character that made a noble sacrifice to kill a virus that was deadly. I thought okay this is a separate universe I’ll go with the what if he survived in the Ultimates but don’t dare bring him back in the main 616 universe. But some how it bled over – why some things that happen in the Ultimates stay in the Ultimates and don’t bleed over but other stuff does is beyond me.  It makes no damn sense.  Then to bring back a character that performed a heroic death only to make him the monster he’s been becoming over the last year I don’t like at all.  In my book Piotr is dead from the virus stayed dead and is a noble hero.  Don’t care about the Ultimates any more and if he lives over there so be it.  Don’t cross streams Marvel and for gosh sakes DON’T CROSS STEAMS ARBITRARILY!

As for the art – VAST improvement over the first arc in this line where it was so busy I had to cling to dialogue to tell what was happening in the story.  There is no distortion of mouths or hands, no curling greyhound-ties, no pointy feel girls.  It’s good solid art that I enjoyed VERY MUCH.  I do think the color palette was a bit too far on the light or pastel side.  I enjoy bolder colors but it didn’t bother me at the school so much as in the date scene.  As for the cover, I love that art.  Oh please please let that team do a few arcs in the story some time.  PLEASE for me…

In the end I liked the story for what it was a forced tie-in from the title to the overall marketing arc that was undoing the House of M stuff for now at least.  I’ve learned don’t count on Marvel to ever do much that lasts or is new and lasts.  They almost always go back and forth on the same road.  Yet hope does spring eternal and I hope that one day they will grow up and move beyond that.  If only the money would let them.

As for this title there’s a few more AvX interruptus issues then they get an arc of their own.  Shall we hope it’s as good as Alpha and Omega was?  ohhh dare I hope even BETTER!  Yes yes I’m climbing down I won’t go over the edge into insanity.

*** a few scanned pages that might be deemed spoilery** I didn’t want to spoil how the date went so here’s the staff meeting I enjoyed more than the date any way.

Oh isn’t that a great meeting for the Headmistress never mind her formerly dead now possessed ex-lover will come calling for a date soon. That’ll cheer her up right?

Gee, what was it Xavier told Logan before the school opened? Something about discouraging fraternizing among the staff? Well does Toad’s obsession with Husk’s skin sheds count? I mean later we see what he’s doing with them and I’m sure this is going to come out eventually.

So I’m sitting on the sidelines waiting to get this title back from the AvX interruptus but if I have to participate in the arc at least make it like this issue – school centric.

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