I Made Stuff Again

Crochet Projects

Finished projects from a day’s crocheting – left to right: Three soap savers, three coffee cozies, and a dishcloth.

I just wasn’t feeling like beading.  That takes more attention that I was wanting to give.  I felt like crocheting.  It’s something I can do without too much thought and feel productive.  Also the DVR was getting full of tv shows I needed to watch and clear out.  So I decided to do a day of crochet.

Crochet Projects

I had to give up crocheting all the time because of arthritis.  It made my arms swell and hands ache.  It was too much repetive movement so I took up beading with many different hand motions and such.  Yet I have a stash of yarn and do enjoy the comfort of doing small projects.

I chose to do some soap savers and coffee cozies.  I’ll give them as small Christmas presents.  What are those things?

Uh, well soap savers are small crocheted bags for soap.  If they are made of wool they will felt and make felted soap.  That is wonderful and makes a bar last longer.  The ones made of other yarns are nubby and great for exfoliation.  They also can hold slivers of soap so you use up all the soap you have easily.  Both kinds are reusable by opening the pouch and sliding in a new bar.  Want to wash them sure you can…. but in felt it’ll shrink more.  The ones I made were cotton and one is pictured with a new bar of soap in it.  When I give it as a gift I’ll get a nice bar of soap, say a Kiss My Face olive oil kind.

Crochet Projects

The coffee cozies are of two types.  The ones I made this time are like the paper sleeves you get at the coffee shop but they are reusable cotton ones.  I made three of these too.  I’ll hit  the grocery to put the sleeve on when I give it and fill the cup with say tea bags for tea drinkers or candy for coffee drinkers or nuts or something.  The other kind are the type to fit ceramic mugs with a handle.  These cozies style cozies usually have a button or tie or Velcro to adjust them to the mug and reach around the handle.  I don’t like them very high where you’d sip and touch the fabric.  I’ll pick up some mugs at the dollar store and make cozies to fit them.  Then again fill with goodies and wrap for a small gift.

I also like making all cotton wash/dish clothes.  I made one of those too that day.  Those are fun to give as gifts can put nice little hand soap in the center run a ribbon around in the wave of the cloth draw them up and ta-da a little remembrance gift.

Coffee cozies and dish cloth I crocheted

However, my hands were sore the next day.  My heart wanted to hook but hands knew better.  Sure I could but I would really be sorry.  So I have to pace myself with my hooking (aka crocheting).  It wasn’t too bad and I knew that after a day or two of rest I’d be back to it.

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “I Made Stuff Again

  1. Mary Louise: I want them all! They’re beautiful! I always wanted to be a crafter – but alas, nothing. As a child, I even conned my 4H leader and my Girl Scout Leader to do my sewing for me, I hated it that much! Anyways, I hope you have a wonderful, pain-free day! 🙂

    • Oh for sewing – nope I get it intellectually but can’t make it happen with my hands something is lost in translation. Can’t sew a straight line with a guide! LOL! I can crochet, bead and that kind of stuff nothing too fine or straight for me! Thanks the days are getting better and once I get the hang of the new job I’ll be back in the swing of things just in time to take a vacation to the beach to see a friend’s retirement and Mike’s graduation from another Navy War College program…

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