Comic Comments – This Why I Go To JGS

Wolverine and the X-Men Issue 15 Cover

THIS is why I read this title! I know, I know it’s a tie-in to the AvX Interruptus that I hate so but it is completely school centered.  The story is set in the school, centered on staff and students, develops a larger story and is what I want when I pick up this comic.  It is a stand alone issue entitle “On The Eve Of Battle”.

First cudos to the team on this issue: Jason Aaron, Writer – Jorge Molina Penciler, Norman Lee, Inker – Morry Hollowell, Colorist – Chirs Eliopoulos, Letterer – Stuart Immonen & Marte Gracia, Cover Artists – Jordan D. White, Assistant Editor – Daniel Ketchum, Associate Editor – Nick Lowe, Editor – Axel Alonso, Editor In Chief – Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer – Dan Buckley, Publisher – Alan Fine, Executive Producer.

Next we need to get the legal statement out of the way – All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique. No more than three pages total from any one issue is reproduced.

As I said I’m very happy with this issue. It’s school centric which was the whole purpose of this line of comics to tell the story of Logan’s founding the Jean Grey School for High Learning. Here the X-Men that aren’t Pheonix possessed or backing those that are, have gathered at the school. Xavier is there. We deal with staff and student issues. New students from Utopia have enrolled and Headmaster Logan is as to the point as ever announcing over the PA “Attention students this is your headmaster reminding you welcome our new arrivals OR ELSE!” Gotta love ‘im he’s so not cut out to do what he’s doing but he’s trying.

The art is good. It’s not my favorite but given how much I disliked the first art of this series this art is more than serviceable. It’s good strong art that is not overly stylized and supports the story well. I totally enjoyed it and was thankful for it. However it wouldn’t rank in my top five, should I be pressed to do such.

In the end I put down the issue happy to be back to the core of the title. I enjoyed the whole thing from cover to cover. I like how Logan welcomed back the staff that had disagreed with him at the start of AvX but now sees it his way. I get the touching moment with Hank and felt it too. I worry about some of the hints dropped by students – who is Idie seeing at this church? How Quire deal with the Stepford Cuckoos given his feelings and resurrection of their sister? Warbird what will her new role be? Good plot lines to be developed over time if they don’t get lost (shhh we shall never bring up frozen wolverpups again that should be lost along with the stupid lupine/Romulus crap) in service of the huge ‘event’ multi-title marketing arcs.

So hang on to your hats an issue I thought lived up to the promise of the title but trust me it doesn’t last long. But let’s bathe in the joy of the moment shall we?


WXM 15 Broo and Tony BFFs

The great scientific minds (minus Bruce Banner) were puzzling over the Phoenix problem but Broo the JGS student saw the answer to their equation. I have to say I love how Tony befriends little lost Broo. Oh wait didn’t Tony want to register all mutants and declare them… oh let’s let Civil War by-gones be by-gones and enjoy the cute. Still if it were mutant me I’d hold a grudge against him.

There are so many things I loved in these few panels. First Logan’s announcement his gruff exterior with a heart of gold to run the school was showing in just that little bit. Next Quire and Stepfords LONG story there but to see him with them again in a school oh… you know that’s going to cook up trouble. Finally in the last panel there – my beloved bamfs. Not just because they are like naked little Kurts running around (I mean I adored Kurt as Logan’s BFF) but also how they seem to like and protect Kitty. I love how she’s petting one here and the look on that one’s face. So cute.

Tell me when you disagree with me but let's not nitpick okay

I think I liked this page best. Except that Bobby is iced up again. I am starting to feel sorry for Toad who must have to follow Professor Drake about and mop up the water puddles. Serious Bobby why?

Any way I like how Logan handles Bobby’s return. I want people who aren’t yes men. Logan knows he’s taken on something that goes against his grain, that isn’t his natural talent. Doesn’t mean he can’t do it just means he’s working at it and needs people who aren’t afraid to tell him like it is. Yeah there at the end Bobby’s totally right. Logan knows it but can’t change everything in the first year of being headmaster RIGHT?

Until next time folks!

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