Back to Routine Postings Soon


Great Smoky Mtn Heritage Center Townsend TN by me, more photos here

WOW! The holiday whirlwind has hit. Ours this year comes with some unique extras! I’ve got surgical restrictions through December – no heavy lifting. So picking Mr. Red the chubby kitty is OUT, never mind lugging packages. Oh and I hope to be starting a part-time job. More on that when I know it.

Aaron has finals to get through then packing up and moving out of his house. He’s off to boot camp and other schools as of January 2nd. Needless to say he’s a bit stressed! Uh yeah, we’re selling his car too so no insurance while he’s gone for 5 months. Then when he gets back we’ll help him get another one.

Mike has school on-line and preparing for going there in person in January. I’m going too but for me it’ll be a week of writing on the beach away from the Wisconsin winter!

Did I mention in the middle of this we’re going to do Christmas and New Years? uh- yeah. Busy busy BUT that’s what life is for – to DO THINGS. So I’m livin’ baby I’m livin’!

Be back soon with MORE stuff! Until next time, don’t eat too many holiday cookies.

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