Comic Comments – An Issue I Don’t Care About

Wolverine and the X-Men Issue 16 Cover

From loving last issue to hating this one.  For all the reasons I praised the last I’ll criticize this one.  It has nothing, nothing at all to do with the Jean Greay School for Higher Learning.  It’s all about the stupid concept of 11 years olds being the HellFire Club.  Nope don’t like it at all don’t care about how they came to be, don’t even want to acknowledge they exist if I can help it.  Then to top off the totally irrelevant story line is the very style of art I don’t like.  I think you get the gist of how this is going to go after the legal stuff and credits are out of the way.

Next we need to get the legal statement out of the way – All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique. No more than three pages total from any one issue is reproduced.

The credits are as follows. Jason Aaron, Writer – Chris Bachalo, Penciler and Colorist – Tim Townsend, Jaime Mendoza & Al Vey, Inkers – Chris Eliopoulos, Letterer, Chris Bachalo & Tim Townsend, Cover – Jordan D. White, Assistant Editor – Daniel Ketchum, Associate Editor – Nick Lowe, Editor – Axel Alonso, Editor in Chief – Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer – Dan Buckely, Publisher – Alan Fine, Executive Producer.

Okay you get that my first issue with this The Fires of hell A-Glowing story is it has NOTHING to do with the reason for the title – the school.  That’s pretty simple really.

Next I have issues with a Hell-Fire Club that is made up of children no matter how precocious they are in killing or anything else.  First off the real Hell-Fire Club isn’t for children at all.  It did lead to the Phoenix Society all tied into the inspiration for the original use of these names in the Marvel story that spawned all the knock-offs and repeats we have gotten over the years in the Marvel titles.  The Hell-Fire Club NYC was NSFW (not safe for work) and into BSDM.  That’s why in the Marvel comics back in the day you saw the women in corsets with whips.  So 11 year olds taking ove the club – don’t buy it for a second.

Next I don’t really care about any of these characters, where they are or what they have been through.  I don’t care about how they got to be the club or how Kade became the leader.  If they enroll in JGS as real student I’ll be somewhat interested.  Until that day go away kids you annoy me.

As of the art, I do not like Bachalo’s style at all.  However either I’m developing a tolerance factor of he’s toning down his extremes.  He still likes pointy feet as much as Liefield likes tiny feet and pouches on belts.  Bachalo has a tendancy to make the angle from the ground or low looking up.  I don’t know if he’s Danny Devito short or what.  As a photographer I know this is an unflattering angle to anyone.  It broadens the facial features and stress the chin which isn’t a favorable facial feature.  Might explain Bacchalo’s penchant for extreme chins and mouths though.  I just don’t like it.  I guess that’s why I’m relieved when any other artist takes an issue in the title.  Except Liefield please no not Liefield…  he might be a great guy (as Bachalo might be) but neither is to my taste in comic book art.

So I went from cudos to why did they waste an issue on that?!?  Wonder what the next issue will bring.  Well best to go up from the bottoming out don’t you think?

***SPOILER INTERIOR SCAN***WARNING***POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR THOSE WHO CARE*****************************************************************

WXM 16 kill them Scott PLEASE

No he didn’t sent him to Logan’s school. You know if Scott had killed this stupid kiddie Hellfire Club it’s almost made AvX Interruptus worth it for me. Just to get rid of this annoying group.

Like I said I didn’t like it. Said that in enough ways to put the issue in the file box and never read it again. Time to move on, Until next time…

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