Meet The Furry Boys

Honestly my furry boys each deserve their own post.  They are two distinctive personalities.  Still they share the same origin story of how they came to be part of our family.  So despite being two fine feline fellas they will get three posts.  One on their origin story and one each on their unique personalities.

It all started when I struck up a friendship with a single mom of seven where I used to work.  She was younger than me and had this weight of responsibility on her shoulders.  Long story short through a series of tragic happenings she wound up being the sole parent of these kids ranging in age from 19 to 5.  She was working hard as were the older kids to make ends meet.  Then an better opportunity happened – except the job was in California. I was asked to foster her two cats until she got settled there.  Then the plan was to send them out to the family. I couldn’t say no.

Who spilled the catnip?  Don't care dude just enjoy until mom cleans it up!

Who spilled the catnip? Don’t care dude just enjoy until mom cleans it up!

That’s how two 1 year old cats named Puss and Boots came to be part of our household.  They had become part of her household due to her finding them.  You see P&B came in a shipment of radioactive waste to a processing facility.  When they were discovered due to their mewling they were quickly rescued by the workers one of which being the single mom.  The kitties were dubbed Puss and Boots as they moved through the decontamination process. My friend was the one in charge of the process.  Once complete the decision was to the pound with them or to a home.  Being like me unable to turn away that cute needy kitten face – the two came home to the crowded house with seven kids.

Now they were in our home with us, Mo, and Belle (an elderly golden lab).  I have to say the furry boys were shy at first staying in the basement and work room.  We didn’t push just made the main floor available  to them when they wanted.  Puss (aka Blue) was the first to come up and meet us all.  Within a week he was at home, it took Boots (aka Red) a few more weeks due to the dog but he came around.

We’d had them for some time and gotten a few checks from my friend for the expenses of the boys.  Then the letter came that she just couldn’t take them back.  The expense of getting them out there and managing that was more than she could do with her large family.  She guessed they’d have to go to the pound any way.

Oh no!  They’d been in our home and become part of our family during the months between.  There was no way I’d ship them off to an uncertain future.  These were my furry boys!  So I let her know they were a part of our family now and we’d be more than happy to keep them.  She was relieved they’d found a forever home.

Thus they were ours and got collars with names on them and our address as contact information.  Back in those days they looked very much alike so the quickest way to tell them apart from a distance was by their collar color.  Boots had a blue collar and Puss had a red one.  Eventually as they grew into manly feline maturity and out of the long legged gawky stage the no longer looked cutesy like Puss and Boots names so they came to be called Blue and Red.  More manly nicknames that suited their maturity and their new collars for beefy necks bore the names Mr. Puss Blue and Mr. Red Boots  to recognize that they were indeed full grown cats.

"Sorry Bro only room for one now that middle age spread has set in."

“Sorry Bro only room for one now that middle age spread has set in.”

The two were always and still are best buddies.  Early on they would always travel in the same carrier to the vet.  You couldn’t take one without the other going too or both would wail themselves sick for the missing brother.  I guess when you’d been through what they had been through but always had your brother at your side – separation even for a check up at the doctor’s is traumatic.  They eventually grew out of it and prefer the full carrier for the more full bodies of the mature feline.

Today they are edging into senior citizen territory.  Still they are active healthy cats.  They still romp together and groom each other.  They talk to one another and me.  They curl up and sleep together but it takes the couch or a bed for it the chair is just too cramped for two to doze comfortably.  Blue is definitely the leader, the Alpha of the clowder.  Red is the mischievousness follower.  As I said at the start each is his own feline. I’ll tell you more about each in their own post.

Until Next Time!

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