Comic Comments – The Salted Earth

DP 61 Cov

The Marvel Universe Deadpool is coming to an end of a Volume. Don’t worry our beloved Merc with a Mouth isn’t going away but like many titles he’s relaunching the next volume with the Marvel Now banner. The arc is entitled The Salted Earth and includes issues 61-63.  Here we learn how Agent Alison Kemp came to be in that wheelchair and just why she has it out Deadpool himself.  Oh and he faces Hit Monkey!

Now for the ever present US legal disclaimer: All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique. No more than three pages total from any one issue is reproduced.

Now to give credit to the final creative team of this volume : Daniel Way, Writer – Ale Garza, Pencils issue #62 and with Matteo Lolli in issue #62 – Filipe Andrade, Pencils issue #63 – Sean Parsons, Inks Issue 61 with Don Ho (who knew he could sing and ink?) issue 62, with Jeff Huet in issue 63 – Guru eFX, Colors – VC’s Joe Sabino, Letterer – Dave Johnson, Covers – Jordan D. White, Editor – Nick Lowe, Senior Editor – Axel Alonso, Editor In Chief – Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer – Dan Buckley, Publisher – Alan, Fine Executive Producer.

If you remember back in previous Deadpool arcs – he deliberately lost his ability to heal.  He thought he wanted to die but learned that Lady Death wasn’t real.  So he wanted to LIVE.  Only thing is he doesn’t have that healing factor any more.  So in the course of adventures he’s suffered severe burns all over his body and lost a finger.

DP 62 Cov

Now Agent Kemp has retired and is out to get DP for inadvertently making her a paraplegic. Hit Monkey is also out to get him.  Some how in all of this Deadpool matures, he sees a few things about himself and what he’s done in the past.  Sure he’s still got that yellow box inner dialogue going but in the long run a diner’s meatloaf dinner becomes a zeitgeist moment for him.  Never did say the man became sane –  most don’t find their defining moment in meatloaf this is DP we’re talking about.  Some how for him it makes total and perfect sense.  In an odd way once he’s had his meatloaf moment and accepts that Lady Death isn’t real – he’s free to reach other disturbed people.   Again this is an off beat DP sense of right here.

The arc had it’s funny moments but all in all it was kinda sad.  Many broken people trying to be the super villain and beautiful hero people we see in other Marvel titles.  No one quite makes the cut, they aren’t the B listers but more the Kathy Griffin’s D listers.  Which is sad when they realize that, not so sad if they knew it but didn’t care.   The trademark quips are there but not as off the wall silly this time. The final line has some brutal alternate meaning that just leaves the reader stunned but satisfied   It was a good ending for the DP volume.  The attraction of Deadpool is that he isn’t so serious, is crazy, and makes no bones about it or attempts to hide it.  Instead he revels in it and we with him.  However, characters in order to be good have to grow.  Deadpool’s growth from insane Merc with a Mouth isn’t ever going to be a happy ending.  He’s severely disfigured.  He’s killed people for money.  He’s hurt others without noticing.  To top it all off he’s losing his mind. The saddest lecture I ever sat through was a mentally ill man whose disorder was controlled with medication explain what it was like to come to the realization that without treatment you have lost your mind.   So any DP volume is eventually going to reach this gestalt moment when the fun stops and the pain begins.  That’s when a volume reset is needed in this character’s case because following him to an asylum isn’t so fun but going back to the wacky Merc with a Mouth that rattles a stream of conscious while going after bad guys is fun.

DP 63 cov

The art was great for Deadpool’s hi-jinx and fitting to the end.   I enjoyed the odd visualizations of what DP imagines as he works things out for himself.  The over the top almost cartoony effects suit how our hero see the world.  I enjoyed the highlight of the physical flaws of the heroes and villains in the story it fits well the meatloaf moment.

This arc was a fitting end and I raise my tear stained beer to the team that pulled it all off so well.  Here’s mud in your eye guys and gals!

***** Just a few scans***Maybe Spoilery*** Warning*****

Only Deadpool would attempt to reason with a monkey- a HIT monkey that is - nope he doesn't understand.

Only Deadpool would attempt to reason with a monkey- a HIT monkey that is – nope he doesn’t understand.

You tell 'em Granny!

You tell ’em Granny!

Aww Wade your mouth never lets us down but does get you into more trouble.

Aww Wade your mouth never lets us down but does get you into more trouble.

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