From To-Do to Ta-Da-Done


I love lists.  Well no not lists but well marked up To-Do lists.  You see I’m plagued by the constant running in my head of all the things I need/want to do.  It’s like a constant barrage of  “you can’t rest you have to…..”  going on in my head just about 24 hours a day.  I’m sure it’s some mental disorder or another.  At times it can be like being lashed, each a whip strike of a short coming.  You haven’t finished chapter 29 **ka-pow**.  You need to clean the bathroom **ka-pow**.  You have to do the bill **Ka-POW!**

However I learned to tip of writing them down.  Yep when I put them on paper and the task master in my head cracks his whip I defend myself with the list.  See, I got it.  I’ll get to it and mark it off.  I have gotten up at night to put something on paper so I can let it go and sleep.  My taskmaster never relents, it must be done!

I’ve got a list of things to-do today.  That one never tops seven unmarked things on it at one time.  If I mark something off and another task is nagging it goes on the list.  On real bad taskmaster days – any task I complete goes on there and gets marked through so I can see that despite the whip cracking in my head I am productive.

My grocery list I’ve been told is a sight to behold.  I just find it functional.  I do it in Excel.  I list item, department, and quantity.  then I sort by department, then by item in department.  I print it out on one page & put it on my shopping clipboard.  That’s a clipboard I put a chained pen on so I can mark off easily as I shop.  Remember my love for marked off lists!  (that’s one on the cart pictured above)

The third list I use frequently is my blog topics list.  This one is more fun and less whip-cracking.  It does crack it’s whip when I don’t have five drafts in storage.  Yes, I know but I like to have at least a week of written posts in draft just in case.  It’s nice when it is a rushed day to have a post all written and ready for posting!  It’s what I call self care and another way I block that mental whip from the internal taskmaster.

Things occur to me but then I forget them  That’s why I have to jot them down.  In college I lived by my planner.  I put all my syllabi requirements in my planner along with frat things, family things, etc.  I loved marking off the completed tasks and days.  That moved to a two page a day planner when I was working – the seven things today list started then.  Now I’ve a planner and lists.  I live by them ya know.

I know I know I could put them in my phone.  I learned from my attempt at keeping a very early palm pilot that I’m more of a pen and paper person.  My satisfaction comes from the physical act of marking out and once the page is totally marked up ripping it off and tossing it out out out of my life! That’s why I’ve developed a devotion to well marked, dog eared lists.  I relish marking off something as  finished!  Sometimes a simple strike out, but other times a full blow scratch-out.  When there’s sections of a list completed I love to mark up and down on a section as if to dance on the grave of completed tasks!   I was raised in a pen and paper world.  As much as I’m open to giving that up, my psyche just can’t.

So here’s to a completed, well marked, heavily dog-eared, to-do list for 2012 that’s now a TA-DA-DONE list!  Happy New Year!

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