I Prefer A Slow Start

Without My Coffee I'm Just A Zombie mug

Now that I’m back to the working world, well working on a clock for others that is. I’m rediscovering my preferred morning routine – a slow wake. I don’t like the up, shower, eat, and dash. It’s not me. Back when I worked full time and Aaron was little I’d get up early to do aerobics and journal a few pages before showering and getting into the morning rush. It was a nice quiet time when everyone else in the house was safe at home sleeping.

Mike is up and out in 30 minutes flat – includes shower. Sure he’s a man, he doesn’t do the swish/swipe cleaning of the bathroom as he goes, he doesn’t have hair to style and no make-up to put on. He doesn’t moisturize or do jewelry coordination. So he’s faster. If I followed his model with my getting ready routine additions – I’d need an hour.

Still I’d like at least two hours before departure if not three. I’ll definitely get up and sacrifice sleep to get an hour of coffee and internet reading (e-mail, doing a blog post, answering G+ & Twitter, possibly checking in with Facebook) before I start the day. I like to take my time easing into the day before I dash out to work.

Heck nowadays I consider my writing more my work and my job more my hobby. LOL! Then again I enjoy both equally so that’s the secret to life isn’t it get paid for what you enjoy doing. Still I don’t want to jump out of bed rush through getting ready and dash out the door. I want to savor life which includes the mornings. Sure I can do the rush thing if I have to do it. But honestly I feel stressed and pushed and judged all day long when I do it that way. I’m not a happy camper when I don’t get my me time before dealing with the day.

Just know if you travel with me I’ll probably get up first and go out of the room to have coffee. Don’t feel you have to follow me, don’t feel you are running late. I’m getting up to get my ‘me time’ so I can face the world. I’ll be much better after that and a shower. Thanks.

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “I Prefer A Slow Start

    • I understand the guilt – like I said in my lists posts I’m always berating myself about not doing enough and running lists of to-do, shortcomings in my head. However I’ve learned if I get a good start to the day, concentrate on one thing at a time, and consciously say to myself “Okay time to put work away until next time.” I get more done and feel better about it.

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