Meet Mr. Blue

Enjoying the breeze

I promised a post on each of the furry boys.  Today I’d like to introduce the gentletom leader of our clowder – Mr. Boots Blue.  He’s a great leader with many of the aspects I’d look for in a human leader.  Like his litter mate brother he’s getting some age on him.  Unlike his brother he’s not getting middle age spread. Instead he’s gotten a distinguished sprinkle of grey about his shoulders where mane would be on a lion.  He wears his mantle well, with style and grace of Mufasa.

He’s a cat that tends to think the best of everyone including dogs and people, yet he doesn’t lose his own caution that such can be dangerous.  ‘You are poised to be my friend unless your actions make that impossible’ is his initial stance.  Unlike Miss Mo who figures everyone is out to hurt her until they earn her trust.  He welcomes people into our home and greets them with a friendly “meow-meow” said very quickly.

Ahh, there is his shortcoming, he’s the Mike Tyson of toms.  He’s big, he’s burly, he’s fit, he has a high pitched voice of a kitten.  Yes, his greeting sounds like that of a kitten but one look and you know you’re dealing with an able tom.  Still, many masculine males in the world have had to deal with high voices.  Poor Blue is just one of them.

Happiness is a warm loving home

He’s very magnanimous about sharing his affection.  If it’s the two of us (humans) at night relaxing in front of the tv, Mr. Blue will be sure that he shows affection to everyone in the room.  Even Rappy gets an acknowledging head butt (a sign of kitty affection equal to a human kiss on the cheek) and happy upright tail shake on departure (a kitty sign of marking territory – thank goodness he’s neutered!).  He’s mostly in Mike’s lap and just like Mo is my cat, Blue is Mike’s.  Still if it’s a lazy football Sunday, Blue is sure to periodically come over to my lap to give and receive affection.

He’s the only house cat we have that has an interest in going outside.  Mo is too much of a sacredly cat to go out, bad things happened to her out there.   Blue desires to be a great hunter, despite coming to us in a declawed state.  He’s the only one that has ever caught a rodent. He and his brother were great mole cricket hunters at our house in Oak Ridge.  Blue’s great rodent kill is fodder for yet another post on another day.

Mr. Blue has become more vocal in his old age.  I think he’s become secure in his clowder leadership (which includes Rappy who considers Blue a pack senior and me the pack leader) and thus comfortable with his kitteny voice.  I’m big on talking to my cats and responding to their talking to me.  We develop tones and mixture of words and kittyese to communicate.  He calls for me with two quick mews – short and choppy but cheerful, unlike Mo’s call for me that’s long and sounds like a scared MOM!  If he wants a door opened it’s commanding yowl with an upward lilt at the end.  If I ignore it, like say his wanting to go out on the screened in porch when it’s too cold out.  The ending lilt goes away and it sounds more like a backyard fence cat.  If I tell him no, he’ll leave the front door but not the door to the basement, there he’ll paw it – “Woman MY bathroom is DOWN THERE and I HAVE TO GO!”

Shoes-day with Blue

The interesting thing is when Aaron is gone, Blue doesn’t ask to go upstairs.  Aaron’s room is upstairs.  When Aaron is there and for a few days after Aaron leaves, Blue will ask to go up.  If Aaron’s here I’ll let Blue up to say hi.  If Aaron’s gone we’ll have a human/kittyese conversation to that effect.  Then he’ll walk away happy not the disgusted stomp away like he does when the porch is cold and he’s denied entry.

Over all Mr. Blue is our brave gentleman tom.  He adores Sara and treats her as an honored member of the family.  He loves to follow her about with happy purrs and chirps.  I love to see him regally content on Mike’s lap in the evenings.  They both just exude contended happiness and security.

Here’s to the honorable Mr. Boots Blue (who rarely uses his first name) long may he reign as king of our clowder.  Until next time!

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