New Year Means Inventory

Blue sea jasper with fossils pendant

Blue sea jasper with fossil inclusions pendant

I have as the saying goes more beads ‘than Carters has little pills.’ It is so true. Last week while in Virginia Beach I went to bead stores whose stock was less than my personal collection of unmade components. That’s when I realized (no, not that need to stop buying beads don’t be silly!) I need an inventory system.

The last bead store I visited was owned by a retired Navy couple (he was a retired Captain from submarine force imagine that!). We chatted and after loving the receipt I got where each item was named and quantity given I turned the talk to inventory. They said that Bejeweled software had a program for craft show jewelry designers.

Well now I got money as a Christmas gift and this sounded great. After checking it out on-line. I settled on purchasing Jewelry Design Manager for my needs. Fit my Christmas money and needs – great!

Now for the hard part – putting all my component inventory and finished goods into the system. No really, remember I COULD open a small bead shop on just my components! We’re talking the thousands. Each has to costed, photographed, and entered.

Um, that’s what I’ve done for three days. I’ve just worn the tip of the iceberg. The good news is I do have a finite number of items (unlike genealogy where there are infinite people when taking living dead and by marriage). That means an end does exists.

The bad news is I do have a life beside beads and somethings have to give. It can’t be my writing time that’s my other personal business goal. It’s gonna be internet time. I’ll still post Monday through Friday, that’s my plan even if it’s a wave and a photo. I’ll still answer comments, e-mails, and the like but maybe every other day on that. I’ll read them daily so if you need a response put that right up front in the message. I expect I’ll tweet more 140 characters is quick and vents my non-story writer.

I’m here. I’m not going away. Just deep into two projects (novel & inventory). Until next time! Take care.

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