Ugh The Week That Sucked

Mary Louise w/ broken arm age 5

Mary Louise w/ broken arm age 5

Some times the best laid plans go astray.  Such was my past week.  Please excuse the lack of posts but my deal with right now basket was full.  That happens from time to time and consider this a week’s hiatus so you appreciate my posts more.

First off, the week before I’d gone to Norfolk/Virginia Beach area with Mike.  He was attending a class at Joint Forces Staff College so I went to take a writer’s retreat at the beach.  I did get a lot of writing done in the mornings and in the afternoons checked out the bead shops in the area.

Upon return Miss Mo who was doing great suddenly collapsed.  That was an emergency rush to the vet and much attention.  She is on the mend but it’s complicated by old age.  We have to do subcutaneous fluid treatment every other day.  She can no longer do stairs.  She’s a fighter and improving but it’s another challenge and more meds to manage.

On top of that I’ve gradually felt worse daily until I’m just exhausted and can’t shake a headache.  I went to the doctor fearing flu that wasn’t in the vaccine but no it’s a sinus/throat infection and I was dehydrated (probably because I was sleeping so much).  That’s  improving but I had to work yesterday and have to work Saturday.  Eh adult life what ya gonna do?

Aaron is at basic training.  He’s doing well last I heard.  He’s got a cough but not bad enough to be sent to medical.  I rest well knowing they will take good care of him, better than he would take care of himself in Madison.  He’s been through the gas exercise and survived.  He’s written one letter home and uses his 3 minute call on Sundays to call Sara.  She’s good at telling us how he is doing and such.

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