Meet Mr. Red


In the introduction of my furry family members we are now to the last of the clowder – Mr. Red. His full name is Puss Red but like his brother he prefers his last name. He may be the last feline covered but not the least by any means. He’s physically the largest now. Like many of us as we age the spread sits in… he was once a lean lanky Tom for most of his prime but as chronic kidney insufficiency set in so did the spread. He’s now a hefty kitty. I just say he’s a lotta kitty lovin’! Also I’ve taken to shouting thunder, Thunder, THUNDER-BUTT HO! as he runs down the stairs. Our personal tribute to Lion-O and the Thundercats .   Mike likes to use the Donkey line from Shrek 3 “Whoa that’s a whole lotta kitty! Can we keep ‘im?”  Either way Red has a big butt we can’t deny!

He’s always been the outgoing but insecure one.  Kinda reminds me of the characters that swagger once safety has been established by the real heroes.  Except they are lovable and well meaning chickens that long to be macho.   That’s my Red.  He ‘s not the gentletom his brother is because he tries so darn hard and is so anxious to be the ONE!  He wants to but dang it’s scary.  As a result of this personality he often gets into trouble – he does naughty things to get attention.  If there’s a crash in another room I guarn-damn-tee-ya it’ll be red walking out with tail high looking all surprised.  What?  Did you hear that?  What happened?  I was being good in that room and suddenly A CRASH!

"Are you beading?  Can you pet me?  Do you love beads more than me?"

“Are you beading? Can you pet me? Do you love beads more than me?”

Also he’s always had a disposition to eat anything.  That’s why his nickname is Mr.  I-Eat-IT!  He has a penchant for chewing through earbud wires and crunching up the buds.  We have to keep those safely tucked away in drawers, pockets, purses, or brief cases when not in use.  He’s actually had dental surgery due to this quirk. He cracked a tooth and wedged a piece of black plastic in the crack when crunching up a bud.  A few hundred dollars later we had a drunk kitty with a still partially numb mouth staggering into the kitchen trying to steal gushy doggie food.  The problem that had him yowl in frustration was the dang food wouldn’t stay in his numbed mouth!  Rappy just said “Ew all my gushy food has cat slobber on it!”

For all his faults and quirks Red is a lover just like his brother.  He loved to cuddle, purr, and be petted.  He’s not a lap cat as much as a next to you cat.  Which is okay given the thunderbutt status.  Except here you know quirky tom has to have his own twist to this – he wants to lick your hands and face like a dog.  I kid you not he’s a not a kitty kisser with head butts like most cats – he’s licker kisser.  Sure it feel strange with that rough tongue and I try to discourage it or let it be my fingers.  However, fall asleep and your nose is his for the kissing.  You’ve not startled awake until you’ve had a sandpaper tongue dragged across your nose!

Also he’s the only cat I’ve ever know with a diagnosed mental illness.   He took to tearing all his hair out on his belly.  Took him to the vet and had all kind of tests run – finally nothing physically wrong.  We began to see that he did it when a family member was gone for a few nights.  It was his new stress reaction!  As the vet said “He’s either psychotic, neurotic, or demented.  Without being able to question him I can’t tell you which it is.”  The answer is mild sedation if it gets bad.  We chose to just love love him through it as long as it was cosmetic fur damage and now harming his own skin.  When someone is gone we take special time to reassure Red he’s loved and safe.  Still even then when I was gone a week he de-pants-ed himself. So we have to watch him and do lots of reassuring.

Sure Red is a bit odd and needs some extra care but he’s a sweetheart.  He tries to do his best and live a fun life but he’s such a fretter.  I do adore him and his antics.  He’s always sweet just trying to please you and be the alpha tom his gentlemanly brother is.  I just wish he could understand I love him as he is (except maybe minus the earbud munching but I’ll take it if it has to come with him).  He’s worth putting earbuds in drawers, doing daily pill sessions, take extra time to reassure him he’s okay & loved.  His antics and cuddles make it all worth him being my kitty boy with more kitty for the lovin’!

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Meet Mr. Red

  1. Finally, Mary Louise I get to meet another cat similar to one of mine (past sweeties). No-one I’ve talked to understood what I was up against. He used to be my daughter’s but long story short, he came to live with me and tried to unking my ONE and only cat Crawford. Heck, this bad rap cat was born in a barn–literally. Anyway, unsurp the king and steal the kingdom became clear. That almost happened, except the REAL king became sick and had to be put down. Two years the Pretender had to steal all the attention he could. He was handsome and his eyes were beautiful and intelligent-looking but he had an ulterior plan.

    Soon after, I packed up to move house. He decided he didn’t like all the new boxes (of books, mind you, he marked them). Two years after the move and putting Crawford down, the Pretender continued to MARK everything he considered beneath him whether it was on my dining-room table of one of my granddaughter’s toys. Three years later I HAD to put him down as he was ruining my house etc.

    He was also a pantie remover. I couldn’t figure out why he had a bare belly and then I realized he needed to be number one and he was a one woman cat. At first you’d think, this is wonderful, better than a fical boyfriend, pals for life, but when he was against my grandkids and after three years of marking his territory (thank goodness no CARPETS had to be ripped out), I felt like a murderer because he was in perfect heathy and ————–handsome—and faithful—BUT. Still I felt like a murderer. I had had him for 11 years, one year later my daughter got him.

    I love cats. I LOVE your story. I do not like mine.

    • Luckily both my male cats were neutered early so can’t spray. I’m sure given Red’s current mental health he’d spray if he could. I am so sorry about your Tom it’s a hard thing to do and live with, there are always doubts. Heck we aren’t good as a society dealing with mental illness in people much less our pets.

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