Comic Comments – Gambit Tries Solo Title Again

Gambit 5-1 Cover

I’m not sure what volume of Gambit stand alone title this is but it’s the latest one. I think it’s volume 5 according to Marvel. It’s nice to see him in his own title again. So it’s good to see Remy in the spot light. If you like magic that’s here in heaping quantities too.
What is sad is that he always seems to be treated like the ‘red headed step child’ as my grandmother put it. I think the call goes out for mediocrity when there’s a Gambit launch. No, don’t bring your A game a strong C or B- at the highest will do.

Gambit 05-02 Cov

The ever present US legal disclaimer: All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique. No more than three pages total from any one issue is reproduced.

Acknowledgement of the village that got this story to press. James Asmus, Writer – Clay Mann, Penciler Issues 1 & 2 with Clay Kirk on issues 3 &4 – Seth Mann, Inker Issues 1 &2 with Clay Kirk on issues 3 &4 – Rachelle Rosenberg, Colorist – VC’S Coery Petit, Letterer – Mann, Mann Rosenburg – Cover to issue 1 – Mann & Rosenberg, Covers 2-4, Chris Bachalo, Variant Cover Issue 1 – Dan Ketchum, Editor, Idette Winecoor, Production Issue 2 – Jennifer M. Smith, Assistant Editor Issues 2-4 – Nick Lowe, X-Men Group Editor – Axel Alonso, Editor In Chief – Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer – Dan Buckley, Publisher – Alan Fine, Executive Producer – Special thanks Issue 1 to Irene Y. Lee and Manny Mederos.

Gambit 5-03 Cov

The story is that Remy hasn’t had enough excitement in his life as a Professor. Apparently the whole Phoenix AvX thing bored him as much as it did me. We he gets an invitation to a fundraiser at Borya Cich’s house he’s in to rob it for some good old time excitement. Borya Cich is one that bankrolls the uber bad guys. When the baddies are defeated Cich gets the gadgets or magical goodies they were using. Remy’s cover is to be there to get money for the Jean Grey school, his entertainment will be to break in and see what goodies Mr. Cich has accumulated. In the process of this he finds out he’s rusty and meets a mystery woman. They team up (stop me if you’ve heard this before) but she betrays him only to help him in the end. Oh and magic gets way out of hand and Cich loses his goodies and blames Remy (not the mystery woman for some convenient reason).

Now don’t get me wrong there’s nothing wrong with a familiar story frame. There school of thought is that there are only so many story frames out there (7 to 21 seem to be the consensus) when you boil things down to their essence. So the trick is being original in how you decorate that frame. I’m sure you can name many stories where two sides team up to get a goal that sticks it to a third party. That’s the frame here but the story seem a bit too trite, too often told in the thief/spy genre. Remy deserves better. He’s a strong diverse character with a lot of emotional depth but often is short changed into the joking flirty characterization of himself. That’s what happened here. The dialogue is weak stung out over many frames. The cliches keep coming and I ache to see more.

Then there’s the whole aliens and magic crap I don’t like. I know it’s a personal thing for me so I’ll do my best to overlook it. I try hard to just shrug and go that’s for someone else. But when it is used to justify weak writing I call foul. Write yourself into a corner then edit and rewrite the story don’t rely on magic, infinity cubes, Lazarus pits, or it was just a dream to get you out of it. That’s a cop out of a writer’s lack of ability. Here I felt so many opportunities to be a better writer and tell a more complex story were tossed aside thinking “oh this is a Gambit title it won’t last long any way.” Sadly it is such thoughts that I think feed that trend.

Gambit 05 cov

As for the art. It relies heavily on the colorist for textures and depths. The colorist goes for the glow Photoshop tones a bit much for my tastes. After having just left Think Thank where the details are drawn in this style struck me as wholly unfinished and rushed. Even more so as the title when on, with greater sweeps to the colorist filling in the lack of penciller’s detail. The covers struck me as a nod to the Bond openings where the women are frames for the images but again the concept seemed solid (much like the start of the written story) but then seemed rushed and unfinished.

In the end it all goes back to the mediocrity I mentioned in my introduction. I felt like the writer, penciller, and colorist wanted to bring their A game but couldn’t for what ever reason be it rushed or told don’t worry just get something out it’s not going to last or be promoted. I don’t know but I saw so much potential there that was left undeveloped. If you are a Gambit fan like me, this is still a must. It’s good to see him out there on his own and I support that in hopes that some day the team can bring their A game to it. If you aren’t into him and aren’t looking to pad your pull list to get something (freebies like shipping). Then as much as it pains me and saddens my Remy lovin’ heart I’d say pass this by and hope next volume gets better treatment.

**** Interior scans*** You have been warned that such scans might be considered spoilery***











Gambit 5-01 - chatter


Okay here the inane party chatter grated on me like a cheese grater on my bare bum.   The Paris Hilton stupid shallow rich people wanting to hang out with gods, magicians, mutants, and aliens just hit all the notes of what I don’t like in my X-Men.  Yeah I know others do and that’s for them, enjoy knowing it made me cringe.


Gambit 5-01-02


Oh Remy we oldsters always wonder just when did computers take over every thing?!?  Loved this scene it’s our Gambit doing what he does best and he’s pretty while doing it!


Gambit 5-02 we are even

Okay here we meet the mystery woman he teams up with. She’s dumped him once and now before their team-up continues Remy evens the score. Good thing mutants don’t injure as easily as we real people eh?

Gambit 5-03-02

As you can see she’s a tattooed Laura Croft type. I personally nominate this pose for the Hawkeye Initiative. Caw Caw boyz!

Gam 04-04p04

As you can see it really jumped my no magic/gods/aliens in my X-Men shark by a mile. So there you go and I hope the next arc get down to more thievery heist type stuff and less magic stuff.

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