Ah Neptune It’s Good To See Ya.

King Neptune of Virginia Beach is their trademark.  He stands looking from the sea to the tourists.

King Neptune of Virginia Beach is their trademark. He stands looking from the sea to the tourists.

Mike is enrolled in this class on-line at the Joint Forces College in Norfolk, Virginia. As part of the course they meet in person for training two different weeks. One was just a few weeks ago in January. When Mike asked me if I was interested in going to Norfolk/Va Beach in January. You KNOW I answered yes with visions of snow piles at the end of the driveway feet tall and having endured winter in Wisconsin since before Thanksgiving dancing in my mind. I accepted my new job with the provision I had that week off to go to the beach.

Well, it didn’t turn out as I envisioned. First off this has been a great winter with less that 30 inches total for the whole season. Heck we even had some warm days in the low 50s in January. Those days happened to be the same time I was in Norfolk during a cold snap where they were – you guessed it in the 50s. No snow on the ground when I left nor when I returned. The real cold rolled in the next week when Norfolk returned to their pleasant highs in the 60s on good days touching 70. Outside my window as I write this sets 11 inches of snow. 8 of which fell while I was at work Thursday night. Even when I plan a get away from Old Man Winter I don’t get away.

However I did turn the trip into a writer’s retreat. In the mornings I made my breakfast and wrote in office there with our our. In the afternoon I enjoyed checking out beading stores and strolling on the beach. I ate good seafood fresh like you can NEVER get in Chicago. I slept in and was productive. So despite meeting my dreams of warming my bones after a Wisconsin below zero winter not being met – I’ll take this mild winter and a relaxingly productive week away any month!

First off I’ll show you our rooms. We stayed on base where Mike could walk to the Joint Forces College. Luckily that left me with the rental car to explore after my morning writer’s retreat.

Where we stayed during the week

This is where we stayed. We didn’t go for the one story cottages – not for us we got a room in the duplex housing that had been converted into three rooms with a common kitchen.


The little office area with our room where I’d write in the mornings with coffee handy!

Bedroom/living room

Main room area with the microwave/fridge where I could make my eggbeaters each morning for breakfast. Bed was VERY comfy, very!

Sunset from our room looking oceanward

Beautiful sunset views looking oceanward from our room

Deserted streets of Virginia Beach

It was eerie driving down at the tourist area of Virginia Beach it was deserted made me think that zombies were coming!

Deserted Va Beach

I had the beach to myself most of the time. It was a nice day just needed a wind breaker. I was loving the sun!

Deserted beach play area

No kiddies were there to play on the play area things. I swang and watched the surf.

One Lone Biker on the boardwalk

What company I did have on occasion were all bundled up like they were expecting an arctic blast. I longed for a time when 50 seems cold enough for a tuke, gloves, and a winter coat. Some day again, some day again!


As I said in the header picture King Neptune here watches the tourists a Virginia Beach. He’s something to see. So full of details great and small around all angles. If you ever go there allow time to circle and appreciate the artistic work he is!

King Neptune Statue on Va Beach

I love how his face looks grandfatherly but strong. I’d not want him as a foe!


One of the tiny octopi around him, there other small sea creatures too! Each rendered with the detail of the giant statue.


His concrete base has crashing waves etched into it! So lovely.


Don’t miss the schools of various species of fish supporting him. They are rendered perfectly!

Va Beach on a cold day

It was so good to see flowers and greenery growing outside. Loved it. Sat and stared at it just taking it all in…. ahhh

Hotel Bar kept the fires burning

The hotels on the strip were doing their part to make themselves inviting. Stopped and had a cup of coffee here. I was toasty warm with the heaters (the silver dome things) and the fire pits going. The waitress asked me “Where’s your coat?” I said I was from Wisconsin – “Oh well no wonder you sat outside.”

Fancy Bathroom - Va Beach

Since I had the beach, the restaurant, and all to myself. Here’s a shot of the fancy bathroom at the restaurant I think the heat was set at 75 in there… warm, very warm.

Va Beach on a cold day

Oh well even the walk way over to the parking garage was warm and green.

Until next time!

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