Movie Comments – An Action Movie For Deadpool Fans


The required US legal disclaimer: All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique

You know I like action movies. I want something to entertain me as I find most plots don’t keep me guessing but the action is where I get my thrills. Also you know I love wisecrackin’ Deadpool. Well in this movie I got them both! Action and a wise crackin’ reluctant hero. Not to mention a female lead that wasn’t the screaming damsel in distress. All in all good fun.

Sure there’s a lot to be desired in the plot. You see there’s a prison of the world worst criminals in orbit. Yep in space orbit around the earth. There they are put into hibernation. Why it requires the expense of putting them in orbit, moving the staff back and forth from earth to the platform and all I dunno. Harder to escape I’d guess but still the cost must be exorbitant per prisoner.

Then there’s this nonsense that they’d let the President’s daughter not only go to a prison like that but wake up and talk to one of the most psychotic prisoners of the bunch. Yeah like the Secret Service would agree to that. BUT they did and you can guess what goes wrong. Yep and our wonderfully quipping reluctant hero has to go in and save her. Only thing is this woman can save herself, she’s one tough cookie. True with trained help she does much better but she wasn’t some crying wilting flower either.

I’d put this movie down as a popcorn watcher that was kinda fun but not great if it wasn’t for the character Snow. He was awesome, no awesomesauce! He cracked the funny one liner I adored in the craptastic 80s action flicks and that make Deadpool the nutty merc with a mouth that’s dear to my soul. His character alone pumped this up to a B movie from a D. Just because he could make this girl laugh. Really guys don’t wasn’t money on covering your grey, learn to make a girl laugh that’ll bring them in more than dyed hair.

There is nothing to this movie beyond action and quips. The insane inmate character is over played. The inmate rebellion leader has no where to go but down in firey debris as they crash into the atmosphere or starve to death in orbit so naturally he wakes ALL the prisoners. For some reason the prisoners are identifiable by bad Scottish accents. Not much to recommend this beyond the joy of silly word play and some good ole fighting. Oh and Guy Pierce isn’t hard on the eyes…

Until next time!

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