Winter Storms – It’s What We Do In Wisconsin

If you know me – you know I hate snow. I despise it. I’ve lived in Upstate New York, Connecticut, Michigan, and now Wisconsin. Each time my hatred so snow has grown. I’ve been here going on 9 years – it went from being pretty if I was inside and warm to keep the blinds closed I don’t want to see the damn stuff. A friend here asked me when I was going to develop at least an appreciation for snow, I said “when it’s warm and dry.” “That’s sand.” she said. “Exactly, ” I replied, “I’d rather be a the beach.” If the truth be known I don’t like sand either. Having lived where it is sand – trust me sand gets into everyTHING best to have tile floors and throw rugs that can be shaken out. However having spent half my life where it snows and half my life where it doesn’t – I prefer doesn’t and will take sand over snow any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

Yet I’ve got at least another decade in Snowberia… so I thought I’d share what it looks like to live where we are getting regular snow storms of multiple inches at least weekly. Heck we deal with them then the East Coast whines and names the damn things.

For the benefits of my friends who have never lived through real winters (yes Tennesseans this includes you)  here’s what every day looks like.

Here’s what it looks like at home in the winter –


Our street after clearing…

Wisconsin Winter

View from my office

Wisconsin Winter

Our porch in winter

Wisconsin Winter

Porch Windows

Then this year I added the joy of driving to work in winter –

Wisconsin Winter

I get to clean off my car. The windshield wipers are left up so they don’t freeze to the windshield. You see when you drive the car and it gets warm inside and the motor the snow turns to water then park – zoom ice again as it cools.

Wisconsin Winter

Some would call that pretty trees I’d say they will break under the weight. Also the piles on the sides are getting heavy they ice and make concrete bumpers should you be hit into one. I know I got hit one winter and spun into a snow bank – more damage from the bank than the Cadillac Esclade that hit me. Oh and as the winter wears on with weekly storms the piles become harder to see around. They contain road salt killing pretty trees and stuff under them.

Wisconsin Winter

These are the neighborhood roads. To conserve salt after the onslaught of storms the secondary roads are just salted at intersections now and sanded else where. They become a sandy sludge. Oh if the snow banks get too hight then front loaders and dump trucks have to come after the snowplows and salt/sand truck to load the snow into the dump truck and haul it away to keep roads clear.

Wisconsin Winter

Main roads (4 lane or more) get fully salted. Oh and here you can see the melt on the windshield… I didn’t introduce you to road salt film on the windshield as I was was driving but it happens and hopefully your windshield spray hasn’t frozen over so you can clear it. It can get so bad that it’s a white if you don’t have spray… I’ve had to stop fill up the resovior on trips. Also have had to stop, raise the hood, reach under the insulation find the tube to the spray head and squeeze the tube to break up the ice in it to get the spray going. Yeah this is so much fun – one person shouldn’t have it all…

Oh there’s posts coming up of Mike’s snow shoveling. Yeah that’s another joy. I’d rather have to mow three times a week like in Charleston than ever see anyone shovel or blow snow again… Until next time –

4 thoughts on “Winter Storms – It’s What We Do In Wisconsin

  1. I don’t like snow either. I did when I was a kid and didn’t mind it up until I retired. Now that I don’t have to go OUT if I don’t want to, and don’t have to shovel snow (my S-I-L does it), I shouldn’t say I hate snow anymore, but I sure know where you are coming from.

    • It’s not just snow but it’s 4-5 MONTHS of it in normal winters (we got off light until Feb which made this winter worse). The the days without sun longest run so far has been 47 days of cloud cover in the winter. Then when you do see the sun, we’ve lost our blanket of clouds so the temps plummet to below zero F. In the end I’d do a hurricane every few years to escape the snow.

  2. Sorry you don’t like the snow. It is all that you describe but it is also so beautiful when it is freshly fallen. We just got four or five inches this morning and all the schools have closed. I took early morning photos before the snow was trampled on, its beautiful. Wishing you an early spring and better weather ahead.


    • At one time I could see the beauty but years of shoveling, salting, driving in feet of it- I lost that ability.

      Here 4-5 inches wouldn’t slow down anything unless it was coupled with with at leas 10 below F temps – then the kids wouldn’t have to wait outside for school to start they could go in the gym.


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