Storms Always Pass

One of Mike’s business acquaintances died recently.  The man seemed a healthy vibrant man and his obit merely said “died suddenly.”  We wondered if it was a heart attack.  I mean we are getting to that half century mark where that’s more common.  No it wasn’t.  Yesterday we learned he committed suicide.

I was surprised and saddened that this man felt there was no way out but death.  Those who believe in reincarnation say suicide is a temporary answer to a bigger problem, meaning until you deal with it you’ll keep facing the same issues.  Those who don’t believe in reincarnation say suicide is a permanent answer to a temporary problem, meaning this too shall pass.  I’m not sure where I fall but I am sure that life has storms, some very painful and changing, but for those of us in comfortable first world lives things get better.

He was our age and you don’t look back on half a century without having weathered some life storms.  Sure things change but they get better.  I know that depression is difficult.  I’ve battled it but never lost hold of the fact if I kept my head down and kept working, life would be colorful and happy again, at least for a time.

Something to consider from a book I’m reading (Your Brain At Work, by David Rock) one year after the event the majority of lottery winners and amputees are equally happy.   No lottery winners aren’t depressed, amputees aren’t ecstatic but  we humans have a wonderful resilient ability to normalize life, make it comfortable again after big (to us) changes.

If you are struggling in your life right now know that it will pass.  You just keep moving and the bad neighborhood will be in your rear view mirror.  Hope isn’t gone for anyone.


Hang on, it’ll get better. Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Storms Always Pass

  1. Life is infinitely more acceptable than suicide (to me). I cannot understand how a mind can follow through and accomplish such an end. I’ve heard it said the suicide is the coward’s way out, but I feel someone must be strong to finish the act, yet I am not sure. What about those left behind?

    • One place I worked my boss got a call they had found her husband dead in his car. He’d lost his job and they were struggling. He committed suicide. Then she and the three kids really struggled I remember her cursing him once as she cried over lunch that the damn bastard took the easy way out. Watching them for the three more years I worked there I have to agree – the 5 year old was stronger facing a drastically changed life missing one parent that he was putting that gun to his head.

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