Miss Rappy

Aging Rappy wants some of that on the grill

Years ago we adopted a retired greyhound racer. Her name is Arapahoe’s Ace but we call her Rappy for short. She’s definitely MY dog. It was her choice, not mine per se. She was gotten to be a family dog but in the end Mike and Aaron both refer to her as ‘your dog’ when talking to me. It’s okay I love ’em all.

Greyhounds are an odd breed. They are one of the oldest domesticated breeds. Yep that ancient Egyptian Anubis sitting with ears up waiting…  is a black greyhound waiting for something.  Rappy assumes that pose when I’m getting ready for walk, the treat jar rattles, someone says something about a car ride or the doggie park.    Another of their quirks is stairs.  The have two settings when it comes to stairs “won’t go” and “full speed ahead.”

Yesterday Rappy took an emergency trip to the vet after a terrible spill down the stairs.  She wouldn’t get up and had to be carried.  (no not me after injuring my back – Mike and Vet tech).  We feared the worst – shattered hip or spiral fracture of the a hind leg.   I anxiously awaited news at home as they worked her in between scheduled patients.

Good news – nothing is broken.  Bad news she threw out her back.  Greyhound have very complicated spines.  Unlike ours designed for flexible stability – their does that and is designed to aid in acceleration even on turns, a rare mammal design they share with cheetahs. So they have more cushions and stuff to aid in that.  Hers is all swollen.  Vet is keeping her a few days, treating her with pain meds and anti-inflamatories while he watches her for any signs of damage the swelling may be covering at this point.

So yesterday was a stressful day in which I basically took care of the dog and rode a very emotional roller coaster.  Today is packed making up for yesterday.  Please excuse the missed post due to emergency- I’ll have a vet bill as proof.

Until next time.

2 thoughts on “Miss Rappy

  1. Poor, poor Rappy. Glad nothings broken but a throwing a back out or pulling a muscle, I sometimes think of as WORSE. Is Rappy getting muscle relaxants like humans? Ouch.

    My daughter’s cat sprained her TAIL. Who ever heard of anything like that. She was on some kind of medication but it took SIX months before she could hold her tail UP. Poor thing.

  2. As a dog lover myself, I feel for both you and Rappy… I’m glad nothing was broken, and I’m hoping for the best!

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