Big Ol’ Update


Really quick update – we are home from Missouri. Rappy took her fall just as we were leaving for Aaron’s graduation from Basic Combat Training (BCT) at Ft. Leonard Wood. The vet saw her quickly and had to keep her as you know. It was a good thing as mechanical meningitis set in from the injury.

Graduation was great – photos and such to follow. Aaron looked awesome as you can see. It was good to see him and spend time with him. Good that he got to have a chance for long private talks with Sara (his girlfriend). Also good that Mike’s parents joined us there to see the graduation.

As for Rappy, she’s improved. She stood up on her own and took a few steps Saturday. I called the vet and I can come pick he up at 9am after her PT treatment. I do have discharge instructions for her they want to go over.

THEN I have work today on the evening shift. So good thing I slept most of yesterday – 6 hours on the drive and all night. Yes, it was an emotionally exhausting week. However everything seems to be heading in a positive direction now.

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