A Tale of The Box


Okay I have to say I’m exhaustipated (too tired to give a sh**t) today. Doggie rehab is tough when one is working. Today is my first day off since we got back. She goes in for e-stim today and then when get her physical therapy info today. Though she is improving. She met me on shaky legs when I got home from work last night. She now gets her front end up when I sling her back end.

So I don’t have the energy right now to go though the trip pictures so I tell the tale of the box throne last night…

As you know Mr. Blue belongs to the box of the month club and he thoroughly enjoys his boxes. However, they are HIS boxes being the alpha of the animals. Last night the wannabe alpha Mr. Red got into Mr. Blue’s current box! I know, I know, I hear your gasps of horror, shock, and indignation. I too was astounded at the outright gall it took. I watched as I did Rappy’s massage therapy. Mr. Blue stood up from his chair and yowled at the usurper.

That led to a big cat fight of screeches, yowls, growls, and posturing. He hopped down and went back to claim his cardboard throne. There was much noise and odd body postures that led to a few slaps (no claws). Red went from “what, what?!?” to challenging then to submissive and slinked out of the box and away to take the cat bed in the office.

Mr. Blue being triumphant sat in his box throne for a long time before settling in for a nap. Yes we think no less of our feline alpha for napping in his box with his catnip mouse. He had show regal restraint while asserting his authority after all.

Time for the vet trip. Until next time!

4 thoughts on “A Tale of The Box

    • Thank you things are improving. Rappy can walk on her own on flat ground now. She’s even getting up from the ground on her own half the time. I think she’s made it through the meningitis and now it’s all about build back loss muscle mass.

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