Things Are Returning To Normal

An old picture of Mo and Rappy...

An old picture of Mo and Rappy…

It’s been over a month of careening from one family crisis to the next. Things are finally starting to settle down. Mo is doing much better and can even jump up on the bed and chairs without assistance. Her back left foot is finally correcting itself.

Rappy has improved leaps and bounds. She can go potty by herself now and walk about on flat ground. Stairs we still have to lift her up and down most the time. However a few times when she is well rested she has taken them down without help and up with us steadying her back end.

I am slowly recovering from my back injury. It’s set back by the lifting of the dog but whatcha gonna do but deal with it.

Mike’s black eye from the doggie slinging her head in pain as he carried her to the car for the initial vet visit is healing. His back is fine but now he has a bad head cold. Poor man, he kept quiet this weekend while I worked Saturday and we both rested Sunday.

Aaron is doing well in his AIT school. He actually called this week and we got to hear his voice. He’s making arrangements for his classes in the Fall.

That’s it in a nutshell. We’re still the family with half of the members in physical therapy but we’re healing as best as aging cat, dog, and woman can.

Until Next Time.

4 thoughts on “Things Are Returning To Normal

    • Rappy is a red brindle. Mo is really a grey tiger with 4 blotches of orange… Vet said a grey tiger in a female is unique but then again tri color cats are almost always female or sterile males. So she made up for the grey tiger by adding the touch of orange. LOL!

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