Return To Routine Can Be Challenging

Following a plan

Following a plan

I hate excuses.  I love reasons.  Sometimes reasons are used as excuses.  I think that’s what I’ve been doing about blogging.  You see there were good reasons for the disruption to my routine with all the trauma of last month.  I tend to cope with such things by battening down the hatches, pulling inward and getting through.  I did that.  I’m through and emotionally I’ve dealt with it all.

However I’ve not returned to my 5 days a week blogging.  I intend to but well reasons became excuses and I languished in the new/old habit of not blogging.  Except for that nagging desire, that I want to to it.  Yet we all know inertia is hard to overcome or establish.  Yes just as a moving blogging truck is hard to stop, a blogger at rest is tends to stay at rest.  I hope to muster the energy to overcome the rest and build my blogging inertia.

Energy, I have to admit it is something I have always struggled to get, use wisely, and not exhaust totally.  Still learning what is my best pace.  Seems just when I get a handle on it, circumstances shift.  It doesn’t help I have the desire to do the work of 100s and the energy of half of one…  LOL!

All this is to say, I’m sorry I’ve not been here regularly as I was.  I long to be and am working how to do that while doing all the other things I want to do too.  The latest challenge is the month of the June.  At my work this is our big year making month.   I know most retail industries it’s December but for us it is June.  Don’t ask I won’t explain as my job is beyond the scope of this blog.  However, it is where I go during Real Life and will be demanding more of time in the next month.  My part time job will become full time then go back to part time again.  I hope to balance that with getting back in the blogging groove.

Maybe my best bet is to start with small goals – a post a week at least.  If I do more GREAT!  Exceeded my goal.  I just get one GREAT!  Reached my goal!  That way I don’t think nope can’t write five posts now so what’s the point?   I believe in times of struggle or need to move to a goal, set yourself up for success.  Sure I pretty much know I can do ONE post a week but you see feeling successful builds energy that I can put toward making inertia of blogging that will help me reach my big goal of 5 posts a week.  So until July it’s a goal of  just write one and go from there.

So today that’s what I’m doing…

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