Join Me At My New Addiction


So it’s not like I’ve got enough to do…  I mean work is about to get swamped.  I’m flowing on a novel.  I’ve got jewelry projects out the wazoo.  Genealogy is only adding more people as I type this.  Summer is coming and that’s photography time for me…  BUT I needed one more thing to keep up with.  Yes, apparently I did.

I know the internet can be a big help or a big time waster.  I do my best to keep up with Google+, Twitter, Flickr, favorite blogs, and writing here regularly.  So I’ve avoided Pintrest like the plague.  Not because I thought it was bad or any thing (like the evil Facebook) but just because I didn’t want another thing to keep up with.

Then it happened.  I had all these visual references for this story I’m writing.  I was wanting a place to keep them so I could access them from any computer/device where I was writing.  That’s when a friend who shall not be named or blamed suggested using Pintrest for this. “But I don’t want them to be publicly seen as I’m working.”  That was my comeback but quickly they disarmed me “Oh but then you could make a secret board.  Then to access it from say your phone, netbook, desktop or any where just sign in.”

So I did.  It’s great but then I thought well I should have a public board…  I made one to keep all my Wolverine links to images, scans, fan art, previews, etc.    So if one hobby has it why not the other – thus the bead board was born.   But wait!  I like books too!  and coffee,  and writing, and so on, and so on…. until it became THIS!

Now part of my unwinding to go to bed is pinning stuff…  At least hop over there (link in the THIS above) and look around.  If you are Pinterest let me know and I’d love to follow you.  Now to make sure I don’t waste too much time there…

Except there’s this great Logan over at Comic Art fans… I’ll just pin that…  .

Until next time!

2 thoughts on “Join Me At My New Addiction

    • Oh I only do one thing at a time. I have to keep a journal to know what to do. Okay I’ve got time to blog what’s a topic? Okay genealogy where was I? Oh time to write what was I thinking about for the next thing? If I didn’t jot things down when they occur to me I’d not be able to do them when I have time.

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