I Love A Museum

Uncle Same Wants YOU

Really I do. You see things you’d never see otherwise. You learn stuff while just looking at neat things. It doesn’t even have to be a modern interactive type of museum. To give you a perspective on how much I love museums – Once I had a day to burn in Boston. I wasn’t far from the Boston Museum of Fine Art.   So my plan was to spend the day there, grab lunch there then walk back to the hotel.   Well I’d finished the Ancient Egyptians, then took in the Impressionists (my top two things I wanted to see before lunch) when they were announcing that they were closing.  Yes CLOSING.  It was almost 10pm.  Time had flown and I was just getting started!   I took a cab back not sure about walking the blocks in the dark and had room service for dinner getting my order in just before they closed at 11pm!  THAT’S how much I love museums.  Let me add that my husband is the same way.

Thus when we found ourselves with most of a day to burn at Aaron’s graduation from basic at Fort Leonard Wood (remember the nickname is Fort Lost In The Woods because it is so far from anything) and learned there were museums on base… guess where we went.  Yep we went museum-ing again closing the place down.  There are three under one roof – Military Police Museum, Chemical Corp Museum, and Army Corp of Engineers Museum.  Across the street is a collection of buildings preserved from the World War II era of the base.  Much like my tale of the Boston Museum we closed down the three under one roof and didn’t get to see the WWII one.

You know I took my camera and here’s a few shots from the Museums.  As always you can click on the images to go to Flickr see their new layout,  more stuff from the trip, as well as larger versions of the images themselves.

Engineering in the Revolutionary War - Barricades

Engineering in the Revolutionary War – Barricades

Engineering in World War II Bridges

Engineering in World War II Bridges – I jumped but there is more on my Flickr feed

Engineering today 9-11 Responder

Engineering today 9-11 Responder

Military Police Poster from the Civil War

Military Police Poster from the Civil War

Soviet Uniform

The enemy when I was growing up was the USSR. Heck that was the enemy while Mike was serving on his first submarine.

Checkpoint Charile

To this day the divided Berlin intrigues me. I always think of the phrase “last bastion of freedom at checkpoint Charlie” I’m glad that’s all gone now.

Saddam Hussein's prison jacket

Saddam Hussein’s prison jacket

Chemical Corp Regimental Room

Chemical Corp Regimental Room


Chemical Corp lab from the 1940s.


Fear of World War I – Mustard Gas!


Okay the displays aren’t helping in sexying up the image of a chemist…


Awww looky don’t be afraid little girl as you put the baby into plastic Micky will protect you from the radiation and contamination of the Cold War.


See little girly your horse doesn’t look a bit scary with his canaries on…


A piece of the Berlin Wall


Finally a plaque tribute to where Aaron was going next – 88Mike school

Until next time!

4 thoughts on “I Love A Museum

    • Oh I know! I’ve often dreams of being a curator at a great museum. Heck I’d b thrilled to just work in the Smithsonian warehouses as a clerk. Has all I’d want – organization, and history!

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