A Timey Wimey Inspired bracelet

Making the bracelet

I have to admit I’m a newer Dr. Who fan.  It was the Ninth Doctor that brought me into the fold.  I’d tried before in various times of my life because I had friends who enjoyed it.  It was him that brought me into the fold.  However I have to say when I think of MY doctor it’s the Tenth Doctor.  I’ve watched on and off with the Eleventh but he reminds me too much of Aaron’s friends and honestly that’s too young for MY doctor.

This was why I was inspired to make a bracelet when I spotted a square bead on sale that made me think of the Tardis.  I wanted a bracelet that was inspired by the more recent Doctors.  I set out looking for time themed charms and charms themed by things that made me think of the Timelord that traveled in a Police Box. So here’s what I found, what I did with it and my Dr. Who inspired bracelet.

First was turning the inspiration bead into a Tardis.  Sure it’s not exact but it is more inspired than exact (and thus copyright interfering) copy.

Tardis charm - the bead that started it all

Tardis charm – the bead that started it all

The bead was a large hole one and I had to make it work into a charm for the bracelet idea.  So first I had to fill in the shaft.  I used a silver tone column bead and a bugle bead to fill up the space. Then to copy the light on top of the Tardis I used blue thunder polished rondelle crystal topped with a white seed bead.  To make a foundation I used an octagonal silver toned spacer bead and a silver seed bead.

Clock for a Time Lord

Clock for a Time Lord

Of course if inspired by a Time Lord you have to have a chronometer charm.  Since he traveled in space I rooted through my bead stash for things that would invoke that and make charms from them.  Here’s what I came up with.

moon and stars with Tardis blue

moon and stars with Tardis blue

Sorry the color is off but the sun was setting and I couldn’t get good lighting. These are blue goldstone beads that reminded me of a starfield.

From there I went looking for things that reminded me of that universe. I came up on one that invoked another favorite character of mine – Capt. Jack Harkness  who very well maybe The Face of Boe.

Face of Boe - Is that you Jack?

Face of Boe – Is that you Jack?

Then I saw I had wings and blue eyes – well angels and eyes- that must be the Weeping Angels? RIGHT? So that was another charm.

Wings and Eyes invoke the Weeping Angels

Don’t blink – Wings and Eyes (in Tardis blue of course) invoke the Weeping Angels

Then I found the blue agates with druzy cracks in them. That made me think of The Crack In the Universe story. So of course I got those and made charms of them.

Crack in the Universe - Druzy cracked agate

Crack in the Universe – Druzy cracked agate

Then I thought really I can’t have a Dr. Who inspired bracelet without a sonic screwdriver inspired charm.  So I had to puzzle out how to make one and incorporate what was becoming the unifying theme – Tardis blue.  I settled on this afters some stewing and set off to find the elements to make it in my stash and at stores.

How to make a sonic screwdriver

How I made a sonic screwdriver

It is a small (4mm) bicone thunder polished Tardis blue crystal as the first element on the headpin. Then I used a beadcap that made me thinking of the opening of the prongs when the screwdriver is in use. I needed to bridge the small hole of the cap to the larger hole of the handle I used a silver toned heishe bead. Then came the shaft which is a column bead that again had a hole that was too big so I filled it with a Tardis blue bugle bead. Then another heishe and topped it all with a small sliver seed bead.  Not too bad I thought.  You can see the assembly and the final product there in the image.

Then I found two more charms that invoked a story arc and a character.  First was a wolf howling which made me think of the Bad Wolf arc about his companion Rose.  Oh and the final one is a historic figure as well as a character in Dr. Who’s universe Madame de Pompadour.  I found them later and here they are.

Bad Wolf and Madam Pompador

Now I had enough to assemble the bracelet. There will only be 9 as that is all the Tardis beads they had. One of the finished products is of course MINE! So if you like it and want one of the others – contact me marylouiseeklund @ gmail.com and we’ll work something out. Oh put Timey Wimey Bracelet in the title!

Finished Time Travel bracelet

My Dr. Who inspired bracelet.

7 thoughts on “A Timey Wimey Inspired bracelet

  1. What an idea! I don’t wear bracelets, not even a watch, but this is awesome and I would likely wear if I I could get my hands on one. You talented, Lady, YOU.

    These days I don’t have the patience for small, slow work like way back when…

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