Just A Few Laps Around The Lake

Back on May 26th Mike and I were looking for something to do. You know he HAS to get out and DO something if it isn’t snowy on the weekend. So after seeing in the paper that there were boat races on Lake Andrea in Pleasant Prairie we were off to see what it was about.

It was about small boats that sound like lawn mowers doing laps on a very small lake not far from our house. Really there were heats, different levels, and such. Interesting but as the sun started to set the day was getting cool we headed home. Here’s a few shots of the day.

Boat Races Spring 2013

We weren’t the only ones out for the day. Here come three boats on the turn…

Boat Races Spring 2013

As you can see they didn’t leave their opponents in the dust but rather in the mist!

Boat Races Spring 2013

With the races on Froggy wasn’t renting any boats that day.

Boat Races Spring 2013

Here’s a shot of mechanics working on some of the middle class boats.

Boat Races Spring 2013

There where the green flag is in the photo was the starting line. They used flags like in car racing. If a boat broke down there would be a caution flag. Winner got the checkered flag.

Boat Races Spring 2013

Safety crew was out in wave runners. They’d tend boats that stalled or broke down. They’d also act like tow trucks of the water.

Boat Races Spring 2013

Sure it was a cool day. I had the hood up on my hoodie (take that Geraldo Rivera I rehabilitated the hoodie for middle-aged moms!) but this spectator was a bit excessive

Boat Races Spring 2013

As you can see Mike wore a polar fleece but bundling wasn’t necessary for us.

As always there’s more on my Flickr account – clicking on any of the images will take you there. Feel free to snoop around over there as much as you want.

Until next time!

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