What’s Going On In Our Backyard

It’s a well know fact Mike likes to putter in the yard and I don’t.  I find it too much like work – I’d rather make something than sweat in the beating sun digging in dirt.  Still I love beautiful flowers, yards, and gardens.  Honestly if it weren’t for Mike I’d live in a condo an enjoy the grounds tended by others.  Since he likes it I live in a house with a yard tended by Mike.  Here’s some photos that were on my camera from our yard.

Apple Tree Spring 3013

As you can see the apple tree has recovered from our winter trimming. It’ll need more reshaping this winter.

lilacs 2013 (1)

When our lilacs bloomed they were beautiful.

lilacs 2013 (3)

Roses 3013 (5)

The roses are lovely too.

Roses 3013 (1)

The red tipped white rose is my favorite I think.

Roses 3013 (3)

The red is so bright that it almost vibrates!


I don’t know what these are called but I like them. They are hardy and bloom in the heat and cooler summers.

Mike's University of Tennessee stepping stone

Mike put his University of Tennessee stepping stone in the garden by the front door. Great place to display our alma mater.

4 thoughts on “What’s Going On In Our Backyard

  1. Lovely yard. I used to get my exercise by working in the garden but now that I live with my kids, I don’t anymore. Just as too many cooks spoil the broth, too many gardeners have apposing ideas so I butt out.

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