Cherokee National Forest Flowers

Here’s a few photos of beautiful flowers in the Cherokee National Forest. Enjoy!

Cherokee National Forest

A Rose tells the story of an abandoned house once being a beloved home with a tended yard.

Cherokee National Forest

Queen Anne’s Lace – now a wildflower was brought to the new world as a garden flower. As a kid I enjoyed cutting one putting it in water with food coloring watching the bloom change colors as it took up the water.

Cherokee National Forest

Wild miniature daises.

Cherokee National Forest

Not sure what this is… locust I think very sweet smelling and on a tree.

Cherokee National Forest

More of this unknown…

Next photo post – the abandoned homestead that was for sale as a Preferred Property just on edge of the National Forest.

4 thoughts on “Cherokee National Forest Flowers

    • Many of the common wild flower in the Appalachians were brought to North America as domestics. Queen Ann’s Lace and chicory are predominate ones that come to mind. I am with you I do enjoy them very much many more so that over done domestics – kinda like a French poodle with that strange hair cut or a fun pound dog that loves to follow you every where. Give me the pound puppy any day.

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