Comic Comments – Marvel Zombie Halloween 2012


I know I am WAY behind on my Comic Comments but I’m making effort to catch up with the list.  I am seriously considering doing by issue once I get the backlog diminished significantly.  Mostly because it would be easier to keep up with what I’ve reviewed and what I haven’t.

Okay my mea culpa and plans revealed let’s talk zombies!  This is a one-shot that fits into the Marvel Zombie line but not into any continuity.   Just think of this as a fun story, part of the fun is figuring out who is who in this post zombie apocalypse world.  It’s an excellent Marvel superhero tale for Halloween.

First give credit where credit is due for this one-shot: Fred Van Lente, Writer – Alessandro Vitti, Artist – Jean-Francois Beaulieu, Cover – Jon Moisan, Asst. Editor – Bill Roseman, Editor – Axel Alonso, Editor in Chief – Joe Quesada, Chief Creative Officer – Dan Buckley, Publisher – Alan Fine, Executive Producer.

Next the legal disclaimer – All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique. No more than three pages total from any one issue is reproduced.

The art is perfect for the issue.  I like the ‘dirty’  line look and really suits Old Man Scratch in his appearances.  It also does well with the zombies by giving suggestion without being too explicit on the details of decay.  I thought it was excellent and made the tale even better.

As for the story it starts out with a definite Walking Dead (tv show) vibe but quickly becomes a Marvel tale.  The premise is  that a mother and son have established a safe camp in an old Victorian mansion complete with a greenhouse for safe gardening. The boy is going over the calendar and discovers it’s Halloween.  After them mom explains what the holiday was and the boy wants to celebrate.

Here the tale takes the Marvel turn – they find the boy a Wolverine costume in the basement.  When they head out to get candy – they encounter superhero zombies.  I’ll leave it to you to discover just who these are!  It’s fun to see them in that form, LOL!

Then Old Man Scratch makes his appearance accompanied by the Rolling Stone song that introduces him.  The question becomes – do you want to be in debt to the devil or eaten by zombies?  I’ll leave you with that only to say that in the end a black kitten makes it all worth it.

Just who are the mother and child?  That’s part of the twist too!  Let’s just say there is a clue in the fact Mom likes Wolverine (no he’s not the father of the boy THIS time).  In the end I enjoyed the tale of Halloween during a Zombie Apocalypse, well done Marvel, well done!  If you didn’t pick this one last Halloween get it in time for this one.


Home life when you’ve got to keep zombies at bay!


I think that if Wolverine saw the boy stand-up like this to regular zombies – much less super powered zombies – he’d be proud.

Halloween2012 -1

I love how the devil introduces himself just at midnight of course!

Halloween2012 -2

Ahh if the mother goes with him – the boy is without protection… if she doesn’t they are overwhelmed by super-zombies. How do they get out of this one?

Well that’s my teasing on the issue. Check it out if like zombies or want a Marvel twist on your Halloween this year. Until next time!

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