Cherokee National Forest – Farm

This is the final post from my visit to the Cherokee National Forest. This photos are actually not in the forest but of roads and properties just outside the forest. One is an abandoned farm that is for sale. There was proof that it was once loved with the irises and other decorative flowers still coming up in the weeds.

Cherokee National Forest

This view does capture images of my growing up – a country road, a barn off to the side, and mountains rising in the background.

Cherokee National Forest

Followed the lane on up the mountain toward the edge of the park.

Cherokee National Forest

Waited on a wild turkey family to cross the road. DIdn’t get the camera fast enough to get the little chicks.

Cherokee National Forest

This is the abandoned home we found it was for sale with the acreage.

Cherokee National Forest

It had been a working farm at one time.

Cherokee National Forest

Gate to the side yard.

Cherokee National Forest

The one car garage on the road – couldn’t you just see a 1930s truck parked in there.

Cherokee National Forest

Then it was time to head off the mountain. The view down the road toward town from the garage.

Until next time.

6 thoughts on “Cherokee National Forest – Farm

  1. I enjoyed the picture so much as I LOVE old country roads and photos of the past. That garage reminds me of one we had w-a-y-y-y-y back when but our had huge doors on it. About a dozen years ago, a tornedo levelled it and it is no more.

    • I think should a strong breeze hit this one it’ll be no more but it literally hugs the mountain the other side of the road is straight up. Because of that I think this one will go to genteel decay.

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