Let’s Talk Travelling

I spent last week in Norfolk Virginia.   Mike was graduating from a class he took and I went to join in the festivities.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to see the graduation.  I had to get back on Friday to get ready for a big craft sale on Sunday.  My travel agent Mike who used his mileage for my ticket booked me too close.  The good news is it worked out as Mike won awards for his papers and had a special luncheon to go to so I’d been on my own any way – might as well catch a plane.

Over all my flying experience was acceptable and typical of the era.  Seats too small tightly packed planes, delays, missed connections due to delays, expensive food ($5 for two boiled eggs!), security searches, kids screaming for an hour on the flight – you know the usual joys of flying.   Still let’s concentrate on the positive shall we?

During my layover in Philly there was this strolling band – They came by a few times while I waited and made me smile each time. (my first youtube up-load!  This old dog is learning new tricks!) Not bad for my first phone video.

Then I got to Norfolk and went down to the rental car. The man saw that I was adding my spouse and we were military. (psst he looked like Mr. Sulu from Star Trek OH MY! ) He dug through and found a set of keys that was separable by the two large split rings they were on. Which was good when it came time for me to go to the airport and Mike to go to the ceremony. Also he briefed me on how to start a Prius. I’ve never driven a hybrid or a car with keyless start. First off press the break to the floor and while pressing start gently press the gas with the other foot.  Also the park isn’t in the gear shift but a button. Finally the gear shift isn’t really a gear shift it’s a switch when you choose a gear it beeps shows on the heads up display what gear you are in and the stick pops back to what we old fogies consider neutral. Still I enjoyed watching the energy display on how I was charging and using the battery/engine.

I got a lot of writing done.  I also rested up from the fever.  Things are getting better but yep that flu lasts the full two weeks as promised.  Still did a few fun things.  Went to Colonial Williamsburg from which there will be several photo posts from that.  Also one afternoon we went to the beach and just floated in the waves.  Again more photo posts from that.

Then the big news was Mike won an award for his papers.  I have to say as his editor I am very proud of him!  He’s the writer though and all the credit goes to him.  I have to say I think the time was a recharging time for me.  I enjoyed comic books, getting back into blogging, and quite honestly rest in quiet.  I didn’t turn on the TV or radio but enjoyed silence and alone time.  Being an introvert (yes I am soundly an introvert by Myers-Briggs unlike some other traits where I’m 50-50 splity.  It only means I need alone time to recharge, being with people doesn’t charge me it expends me even if I enjoy it) it was a great recharge time.

Then my travels home.  Due to flight delays I missed my connection.  Cudos to US Airways for handling so smoothly.  Once I got in the terminal they had a new flight booked for me (the next one just a few hours later) and exchanged my boarding pass for my missed flight for my new one.   So in a few hours while I relaxed in a very comfy chair at Charlotte airport and read comics (on my phone but more about that later).   In the end I got home just fine and in a timely manner.

A great trip that was much needed to get away and rest up.  Loved it!

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