Comic Comments – Entering The Digital Age


The required US legal disclaimer: All images are the property of their owners I reproduce them here under the Fair Use Doctrine of the copyright law for commentary and critique

My recent trip to Norfolk convinced me to make the jump to digital comics where I can.  Let’s face it, I’m not of the digital generation.  I remember TVs with two dials for UHF and VHF.  I remember when phones had dials and to place a long distance call you had to talk to the operator (no shit).  Heck I grew up on a semi-private line meaning instead of a party line where 5 people were on it and you had to know your ring to answer your calls but the other rings still rang through too.  We shared a line with one other household and didn’t get her rings – luxury I say LUXURY!

Given my start and the fact I’ve never had a computer class in my life just got thrown into a PC lab the senior year of undergrad and had to learn on the fly – I think I’m doing pretty darn good in the digital age.

For a year or more I’ve gotten free digital copies with some of my Marvel comics.  That’s what I used Comixology to access on my smart phone for the trip.  I didn’t have to pack a stack of comics but I could read a stack while traveling.  A definite bonus when there are fees to check luggage and I was getting by for a week with my one carry-on.

I found I liked the digital and that some issues  that aren’t available digitally from the publishers are now available at Comixology.  There is also the bonus of not having to find storage for the past issues.  IF there was a comic shop near me where I got my comics I would be much more hesitant to make the digital jump. However, I must order and wait for my once a month delivery.  Which is yet another reason I am willing to give Comixology a try.

They are offering subscriptions.  I checked and they are as up to date as the in print ones for many of the titles on my pull list.  So I’m moving titles that do not come with digital copies to Comixology.  If I am happy with the service and find that my issues come in just as quickly if not more so than my monthly delivery I will move all my titles there.

This old lady is learning new tricks.  I think digital will be the answer for me.  I’ll let you know if I go totally digital.

Until next time.

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