Today Was MO-day

Miss Mo

Miss Mo is getting to be an old kitty. She has trouble with her hips from the arthritis that developed there. Doesn’t help she was hit by a car when a wee thing and has lived with the crippling injury of that all her life. (I found her injured and adopted her.)

So she has her good days and bad days like all of us with arthritis and some decades on the chassis. We do meds, supplements, and even acupuncture when needed to help her manage it. Yesterday was a bad day, a really bad day. I gave her the reserve pain meds and she slept most of the day.

This morning she couldn’t walk so it was off to the vet. She’d injured her hip, rolled it out of socket. So they got it in did some anti-inflammatory, Vit b-12 to help with the palsy, acupuncture since that helps her manage pain, and sent me home with hopes for the best. She’s back on the infirmary in my office with fav bed, litter box, and all close so not a lot of walking.

This took a good part of the morning. I wasn’t feeling so grand myself after settling Mo in at home I gave up being productive today and took a nice long nap. Then I got up and did what needs to be done. So that is why this post is late… and not the scheduled post. I blew off post writing to sleep after the vet run.

Until next time!

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