What I Did Over The Holidays by MLE

Drive up banking in the winter - when you make the passenger get out and knock the ice off the card slide

Drive up banking in the winter – when you make the passenger get out and knock the ice off the card slide

Let me first start by stating the obvious – IT IS COLD OUTSIDE!  Yes it was -16F when I woke up.  No that IS the actual TEMPERATURE you don’t wanna know the wind chill – somewhere in the -30sF.  I don’t plan to go out until afternoon when we are supposed to warm up to about oF. Okay formalities taken care of I’ll start on my post now.

Due to work I didn’t go down to see the folks (mine and his) until after Christmas.  It worked out just fine.  Aaron and Sara came down later and stayed after us as they wanted to celebrate New Year’s with their friends here.  Ahh I remember when we actually stayed up in dressy clothes and partied with others.  Now just staying up is the challenge.  Funny as I get older I get more like a baby routine keeps me from being grumpy.

Any way here are a few photos from the trip.  Not much as I only had my phone.

New Year in TN

We visited my parents for a few days. Here’s Mike and my folks outside a Mexican restaurant in their town. Yes we had to show our support for the Tennessee Volunteers – all graduates of the University of Tennessee ya know. Dad is a golden grad and got his 50 years since graduation pin.

New Year in TN

Mom’s kitty Sylvester – I have two black cats, Mom has one, Aaron has one, and my bff Patricia has two – do you have a black kitty?

New Year in TN

The house shoes my parents gave Mike – yes they are slippers!


That’s Greeneville Tennessee the town to where I grew up out in the county. I’m setting a novel (urban fantasy with a rural setting) centered right on the corner where that church is.

Tennessee New Year 2014

The view of the Smoky Mountains from my in-laws neighborhood. As you can see there was snow on the mountain but it was still nice enough in the valley to go golfing.

Tennessee New YEar 2014

Jellico Mountain area of Kentucky on the drive home. The roads were clear the whole way just a long drive.

Driving in Chicago in Snow

The snow just started as we hit downtown Chicago.

Kenosha in Winter

Back home to typical Wisconsin Winter views.

Okay tomorrow and Thursday I work so hopefully I’ll get another post in the pipeline for those days – maybe about the great YWriter and a postcard from the past… or maybe swamp tour or Colonial Williamsburg… or maybe not…   Until next time!

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