A Red Door

red door - photo treated to look as if taped onto black paper

My front door shall always be red. Red is for the sanctuary of my home. It reminds me every day that behind that door is my safe place, my creative space, the ones who love me no matter what I face or how I choose to go. I strive to remember when I enter my home to enter in reverence not just of those with home I share it but also in honor of myself. My sanctuary is as much my making as theirs. Harmony has been between what makes our home their sanctuary too.

The front door to my soul is red for there I hold all that is good in world and sweep out the debris of daily trials. There the pains of the world cannot take away the beauty I’ve encountered. Death of a friend cannot penetrate those red doors and remove them from my heart. Failure cannot cross that threshold and smother my dreams. Work problems cannot enter and rob me of inspiration. There in the deepest lightest part of me I hold all that give me joy from cuddly puppies to funny kittens, from the words of sages to my own word creations, from the whispered I love you that fell on my ears only to the raucous laughter of friends enjoying themselves. There within me my red door shields it all while standing open to greet not just me but more moments that need preserving, feelings that will never fade, and hopes that need nurturing.

Yes, my home is my sanctuary and holds a red door than only I see.

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