Pulling Focus On My Own Life

Journalist Lucy Morgan With Video Camera and Phone from  Florida Memory State Library and Archives of Florida as a member of The Commons on Flickr. No known copyright restrictions.

Journalist Lucy Morgan With Video Camera and Phone from Florida Memory State Library and Archives of Florida as a member of The Commons on Flickr. No known copyright restrictions.

Let’s start with defining what pulling focus is:

Pulling Focus

The process where the camera operator adjusts the lens to compensate for the movement of the main object of the shot to maintain focus on the subject.


Now hang with me because using this metaphor is how I see life at times.  A big blockbuster with lots of plots and subplots and a camera following each one pulling focus on that aspect’s center image.  Work = writing, Hobbies = Beading, Parent = Aaron, Wife = Mike, Pets = Furry boys and so on.  I’m the producer and director of this mega blockbuster.  I determine who takes the lead in the story right now and how to cut together all the aspects so it’s the story I want my life to tell.  When an area loses focus – well time for me as the director to step in, evaluate what I’m shooting and straighten it out. Life is always in motion and goals are too, if focus isn’t pulled then the subjects own movement and the movement of the objects around it will cause the shot to become unfocused.  It takes work and concentration to pull focus on the main subject of the shot so that they are always sharp.

That’s what I think of when I periodically evaluate how I’m doing (I don’t go around asking people like Koch did, I just think about it).  Recently I did that in the shower where I do my best thinking.  Something about water on the head helps I think.  Any way I saw my work life was losing the focus I wanted.  For me in my life right now I want to pull focus on my writing.  I want to be a writer, a free lance writer.  That’s where the focus of work life should hold as I move through life.  Some how it got off and was out of focus.   I’d over committed myself in other areas so that the shot was too wide, too general and not sharp.  I had to make some changes, just tweaks really to pull focus to what I wanted to be the star of that camera’s shot – my writing.

So I realized a few things – one I want to and love blogging regularly.  Doing the five times a week was the most creative time for me recently.  Blog posts warmed me up for a day of work on the novel I pitched at the writer’s convention.  I actually finished it and pitched it and am still waiting to hear from some agents.  Then I lost focus…  So I’ve done some changes – cut back in some areas so they didn’t intrude into the work shot.  I took action to set up a great on-line beta group to give me chapter by chapter feed back as I work on polishing that novel.  I’ve got an alpha reader for my first draft novel in process  and as you can see I’m coming back here more frequently.

The shot is improving.  All the changes go into effect in September and I hope as the focus sharpens I’ll be back here more often and eventually on a regular basis.   Also hope that I sell a novel in the next year and get the second out on chapter beta rotation as I work on a third.  Yes revealing plot to plan shots – all the while pulling focus on writing in the work life camera.  Life is hard and directing your own life is even harder but well worth the effort to make a great life for yourself.

Mr. DeMille my worklife is ready for it’s close-up….  at the end of September


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