ML’s Designs Is Finally Here!

One of my necklaces in my new online store ML's Designs.  This one is called Nature's Beauty.

One of my necklaces in my new online store ML’s Designs. This one is called Nature’s Beauty.

I’ve been talking about it for YEARS but I finally did it. I have an online store! I overcame procrastination got the ability to take credit cards and made an online store. Like so many things I procrastinate about, it was easier than I thought it would be. Really, the hardest part was…

You guessed it, overcoming myself.  I don’t know why I lagged doing it.  I looked into several options and none seemed right for me.  Then as a New Year’s resolution I vowed to get more from selling my jewelry.  More not so much as money but more turnover.  I do this for the love of doing it.  I sell my creations to help support buying more things to make more.  I love the creativity of it.  So why not open a shop on line and sell?

Really it was fear that had me procrastinating.  It’ll be too hard, too expensive, too complicated…  Then the how will I do shipping?  What if I opened a store and no one came?  How do I take credit cards?  I don’t even take credit cards.  The analysis paralysis set in.  I didn’t like the service where they charged me a fee to list my goods.  Really, I come from the school of where money flows to the creator (writer) not from.  So a small venture out for answers froze me again.  However, my resolution pushed me and I did it.  My own store on line that takes credit cards, figured out how to include shipping fees, and is simple to use for me and hopefully you.  Sometimes we are our worst enemies.  Just got out of my own way and did it.

A few things about my shop.  Every piece is one of a kind.  I’m not in this to be a manufacturer.  I’m in it as a creative outlet.  So while I might make several of similar styles, rest assured the one you buy is yours and yours alone.  Yes you can walk the red carpet safely without worrying about being part of a “Who Wore It Better” vote later.

Second I work hard to find quality supplies at affordable prices. I want what I make to be something people will enjoy wearing.  That means quality materials, who wants cheap stuff that will turn on you, wear out easily or bleed onto your clothes?  I know I don’t and I’m sure you don’t either.  That’s part of the joy for me is always on the look out for good materials and good buys.

Thirdly like I said I’m in this for the joy of creating.  I don’t want to make a tonne of money.  I just want to support my jewelry making.  Not only do I work hard to find quality supplies at affordable prices but I pass that savings on to my customers.  I keep my prices down so I can enjoy sharing my designs with you.

Finally all the prices in my store cover shipping.  So you know what you’ll pay and not be shocked by the shipping fees. I promise all orders will ship within 14 days of the order.  Many will ship more quickly than that.  All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges.  However, if you feel something was defective please contact me I want my customers to be satisfied and leave happy.

That’s it, that’s my push to overcome my fear that led to procrastination.  You’ve heard my pitch and if it interest you, click on the photo above to check out my store.

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