We’re New Doggie Parents

Molly Dog

Molly Dog

Spring is trying to make an appearance here in Wisconsin (despite the three inches of snow we got yesterday) which turned our minds to adopting a dog.  I’d been surfing the various pet rescue and adoption sites sending photos to Mike.  We saw this one Molly that appealed to both of us and I sent two e-mails.  However, bad dog didn’t reply.  She disappeared from the sites and we figured she’d gotten her forever home.

Then a good friend referred another wonderful dog to us.  We seriously considered him.  After long talks and some soul searching we determined he wasn’t the match we needed.  Good news is there was another considering him so he wasn’t without options.

Molly's first ride home

Molly’s first ride home

Then Molly showed up again on the searches.  Mike e-mailed her and she answered!  We set up a ‘meet & greet’  where we go look at her and spend a bit of time with her to see if she was a match.

We drove to Milwaukee (not that far I work there) and met Molly.  She was perfect size.  Those who have known us for years – she’s Belle size.  She was full of energy and came right up to us.  She was great.  We’d found our match.

After that we applied to adopt her.  The next Monday afternoon got the call that after our glowing references she was ours.  The paperwork was done and we picked her up last Friday.

What can say about our Molly Dog.  She’s about a year old.  She’s housebroken, spayed, chipped, has all her shots.  She knows how to sit, shake, and catch treats.  She’s used to cats as her foster home had them.  She LOVES belly rubs and flops over for them all the time, sometimes falling back very comically. She’s learning lay down, to lay in her bed, to stay off furniture, and not to pull my arm out of socket when on a leash.

She was removed from an abusive situation in the South, flown here via charity to Wisconsin, has had therapy to get her over her fear of men and such, and is definitely part hound dog. 

If you look under the chair Molly is staring at, you'll see Mr. Blue glaring back at the belly crawling dog.  Yes she's trying to make friends.

If you look under the chair Molly is staring at, you’ll see Mr. Blue glaring back at the belly crawling dog. Yes she’s trying to make friends.

Mr. Blue is getting used to her.  He didn’t eat for a few days after she arrived. Now he’s okay with her but gets upset when she gets excited.  Got to remember he’s a geezer (15 yrs with us and was an adult when we got him so at least 75 in human years) so the jumping around is a bit much for him.  Other than that he’s gotten so he eats near her as she eats neither bother each other’s bowls.  Molly tries desperately to make friends and wants to play – Blue just lays there glaring at her and will howl when licked. However there is one thing they agree upon right now – I cannot be trusted to go to the bathroom by myself.  If I don’t latch the door they both come in.  If I latch the door there’s a bit of scratching, meowing, and whining.  When I open the door they are sitting at attention next to each other looking at me.  “WHY did you lock us OUT?!?”

For the pulling I got a training/car harness things are much better now.  She’s getting the concept of heel when we cross the streets.  I go for the short leash point on the harness to hold her but she’s starting to slow down to my side when we approach intersections.   However being a hound when a rabbit crossed our path – HOOO BOY! – can she pull.  Squirrels are exciting but rabbits, gotta get ’em.  Worked Rappy through that we’ll work Molly through that.

Our second walk together first with the harness.  Glad I bought it ahead of time just in case it was needed.  Now my arms stay in socket as she learns leash commands & behavior.

Our second walk together first with the harness. Glad I bought it ahead of time just in case it was needed. Now my arms stay in socket as she learns leash commands & behavior.

She’s a jumper!  Working through the don’t jump up which the foster family was also dealing with.  Today after running errands I came home and she was good not to jump on me.  BUT I got home looked in the front bay window and who do I see – well it wasn’t Mike, he was at work.  It wasn’t Mr. Blue he was closed in the Man Cave downstairs not ready to leave the two together without supervision.  Yep there sat Molly Dog in the front window by my spider plant.  When I came in she was thrilled to see me running up for pets then backing off to jump for joy.  As I was heading into the hall she jumped so high she hit her head on the top of the archway!  Thus we are working on calm Molly Dog as a greeting because hitting your head on archways isn’t fun and leads to much yelping.

Today did the dog license thing.  Went to the city to get one for her – discovered it’s gone up.  I pay the higher fee and as I depart I get a cheerful “Don’t forget the county dog license you’ll have to over to the county building to get that.”  So in the car I Google info and find that’s more than the city license and I have to go to the County Treasurer’s office. Next stop county building for that one.  I wouldn’t have been surprised if the lady said “Don’t forget to stop by the DMV to get her ID made that’ll be another $40.”  But no two licenses to be a dog is enough apparently.  The state hasn’t gotten in on that one yet.

We go to Vet this afternoon for new patient establishment and to get her chip (identity chip) changed to us as primary.  Also to review her health records and make sure she has all she needs for dog park visits.

She doesn’t like snow.  Went to let her out as our snow was falling.  She stopped a the door, slowly backed back from the cold, then dashed up the steps.  About a half hour later when nature was insistently calling she went out in it, albeit very reluctantly.

So that’s our first few days with Molly.  We’re still getting to know each other but it’s definitely true love.  She’s part of the family goofiness and all.  Oh and she’s our best jumper by far!

Molly's part of the family now.  Yep it's true love.

Molly’s part of the family now. Yep it’s true love.

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