Throwback Thursday – I’ve Always Been A Reader

Bright, Mary Louise photo from brown photo album (19)

Okay here’s something I’m going to try to do. Throw back Thursday posts – old things I have that I’ll share. Some are to laugh at myself like this one here. Others I imagine will interest me enough to share for other reasons.

Here’s what I know about that picture – it’s me! I’m in my maternal grandparent’s house in Laurens, South Carolina’s guest bathroom. That potty was wooden. Which at the time I thought was odd.

On the back of the chair there was a decal of a happy rabbit carrying the potty bowl always disturbed me.   It appeared to be empty, thank goodness.  I’m not sure if it was his potty bowl or supposed to be mine. I guess if it was his it’s okay to be happy.  If it was mine, well even then I thought it would be odd to be happy about carrying that.  So let’s just assume it was his. Maybe he was constipated and glad to go – but with all that roughage in their diet you’d not think that’d be a rabbit problem.  Well, just leave the rabbit contemplation there since no picture of it survives to settle the argument.

I think that was one of those dresses that a grandmother hand smocked for me.  Also apparently it was really cold in that bathroom.  Maybe it was summer and that big vent there blew cold air-conditioned air on me thus I needed a sweater.

However the important thing here is the book.  Yes there is still reading material in our bathroom and no there are no more recent pictures to prove it, you’ll just have to take my word on that.  I’ve loved books since I was little.  My parents would read to me and I loved it.  Mom read the Oz series to me.  There  used to be audio tapes of me reading books that mom made.  I was proud that I was on the tape that she also used to record Nixon’s resignation speech.  Don’t look at me that way VCR were  not invented yet.

I carried the tradition of reading aloud forward with Aaron.  I read many books aloud to him. Heck when he was an infant Mike and I read our assignments aloud to him as we fed him.  Yeah economics didn’t go good on a colicky stomach but then again why we thought it would is beyond me.  The most notable series we read to  him were the early Harry Potter’s.  He took over reading them himself when he became old enough.  Another series I remember he enjoyed Cheaper by the Dozen  and Bells On Their Toes by Frank Bunker Gilbreth, Jr and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey.  (honestly better than the modern Steve Martin or back to the 1950s Movie).

Books have always been my friends no matter what. I always had one in tow should I have to wait somewhere.  I still read a lot.  I also still love being read to which is why I always have one audio book going for dog walking and work commute.   I have fond memories of many of them but sadly this title is lost to history, I don’t know what I was reading.   Well at least I know what I was doing….

See you next week for another Throwback Thursday.


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