Throwback Thursday – Happy The Yellow Tabby

Bright, Mary Louise and Happy the cat as a baby doll - 207 Jennifer St Greeneville TN

I’m a cat lady and I came by it honestly. I’ve always loved animals. However, I have always had a special connection with cats. I’ve been the proud caretaker or play-with-er for many great felines. I have very fond memories of all of them. This one was a Tom named Happy. He came to live with us on Jennifer Street in Greeneville Tennessee bringing along his less gregarious brother Secret.

I actually do remember this picture.  If you look real close you will see he is also wearing a baby doll’s sweater.  Because cats get cold you see.  Nah, he was my buddy and he always hung around when I was playing.  Sure he’d get in the middle of it and to be honest he was more fun that dolls any way.  So I dressed him up and played with him and got him to lay in the carriage there on his back as long as we played string.  I thought this was great so I wheeled him into the living room to show.  She immortalized the big yellow tabby’s moment of frivolity for all the world to enjoy.   I honestly think Secret was more humiliated for him that he was.  But that’s just my theory, Secret never said as much.

Happy and his brother were big boys with even bigger hearts.  They were loving in their own ways. Happy was playful and mischievous.  I had a Barbie who got a lip piercing from a Happy bite back before lip piercings were cool.  Sadly he died much younger than his brother.  He was and is still missed.  However, Happy is still doing what Happy always did best – making his human friends smile even over all the years.

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